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The value of gas model in inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
With the development of the society, the module is also gradually become a new industry, inflatable tent also gradually developed, inflatable castle is a kind of style of model gas products. It with the traditional metal tents what's so special about! Inflatable tent on the side wall and canopy cover for the donor, on both ends of the interlayer on-demand open doors and Windows, forming special tents inflatable heat preservation sound insulation; With large rigidity, stability is strong, sound insulation, heat preservation, forming and fast recovery, etc. Inflatable tent set up is very convenient, only need to tent flat out on the ground, connected to foot pump and electric pump, can be set up in a few minutes. Dismantled, too, the metal bracket and the number of packaging are needed more, take longer. And at the time of the demolition inflatable tent just need to let its natural gas, or electric vacuum blower fan extraction. So, compared with common metal stent tents, inflatable tent has its incomparable advantage, its light weight, small volume, in transit has the advantages of ordinary metal stent tents have no. Can't is very simple, and its construction and demolition waste more manpower and time, especially suitable for use in emergency rapid response. In harsh environment can't arrive in time, can also be parachuted inflatable tent.
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