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The use of inflatable slide note you know?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-21
Play is a set research and development, production, sales for the integration of large-scale amusement equipment production enterprise, specializing in the production of large children rushed off equipment, parents rushed off equipment, land children rushed off equipment, children rushed off carnival facilities, 24-hour unified national service hotline: 400 - 997 - 2223, welcome your inquiry! As part of the inflatable castle operator should pay attention to the use of inflatable slide, then today henan inflatable castle manufacturer to share relevant knowledge. Before 1, children on the inflatable slide for gas leakage, in order to avoid amusement equipment frustrated cause children suffocation, produce risk. 2, prior to the inflatable slides in the children's must barefoot on amusement facilities, and as far as possible, don't take some metal or equipment on something hard, so as not to cut amusement equipment or injury to themselves and others. 3, the parents take care of beside, avoid hitting the children because of intense running bruising. 4, these often rides to disinfection, to ensure that children can avoid bacteria in the process of play. 5, because the children in the amusement equipment is excited, may be out of a lot of sweat, parents should pay attention to wipe sweat, to the child in time to avoid the child catch a cold catch a cold. Recommended reading: the importance of children's inflatable castle put the position
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