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The use of inflatable pool

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-26
Sorching summer, swimming is essential. An inflatable pool is put on their own, neither to outdoor swimming, and a cool summer at home. Then said to the inflatable pool, listen to the instructions on the use of the inflatable pool manufacturer share inflatable pool. Inflatable pool is to put people's real bath or pool to a state of downsizing, because the inflatable pool quality is light, easy to carry, so it can be used in many occasions, such as small parks, roadside, home, etc. As long as the inflatable pool is full of gas, then to inject a certain amount of water in inflatable pool can be used, its purpose is mainly for children to play, play in some fish is put inside the inflatable pool, let the children inside the inflatable pool capture, children not only developed and active personality, also improves the ability of their own, and to add to the fun for children! Inflatable pool, of course, still can walk on water ball or hand boat, young, such as equipment, size specifications can be customized according to customer's demand. Materials inflatable pool is the main material and PVC material, network thickness is commonly 0. 9 mm, the size can be made at any time, the general pool shape is a rectangle, of course, there will be other irregular shapes, such as round, diamond, etc. Materials non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, absolute environmental protection material, meet the standard of Europe and America by quality supervision testing results show that this material for skin toxicity, no harm to children. This material is a professional inflatable cloth, good cold resistance, can be up to 40 degrees below zero at low temperature, good flame retardancy. Cautions visitors enter the inflatable pool need to take off their shoes, are not allowed to contain the sharp objects such as keys, prevent hard prick the skin in fall into the pool; Depth of the lowest not less than 20 cm, most can't more than 30 cm, because too shallow, for children to play in a pool, there is no enough space, too deep, children inside and produce risk. Found in the water skin have blisters, please check as soon as possible. Waterproof zipper used a dozen a wax, can make zippers so durable. Bonding method products attached TPU treatment agent, special glue and main ingredient, such as skin damaged, need to handle work surface clean, cut pieces of the same size of cloth, wipe on TPU treatment agent, such as 15 minutes and then wipe on a special glue, press. Features 1, inflatable pool production costs low, quick return of investment. With high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, durable, easy maintenance, etc. 2, without approval from red tape, such as building construction, do not need. 3, simple and convenient use, dismantling, cleaning and hygiene is easy to maintain, save manpower material resources. 4, easy maintenance. 5, it can realize mobile operation or use. 6, size and shape can according to your need to be flexible. Maintenance instructions 1, drained the pool of water, and then release the gas at the edge of the air chamber, make clean processing. 2, shearing patches. ( Patches should be cut into repair area three times the size, it is best to round or oval. ) 3, to render rubber processing. ( Area and the need for repair patches to wipe clean, evenly coated with a special glue, and then use the hair dryer to not glue the hand, natural air drying can also. ) 4, rubber processing. ( Just blow dry patch area and patches again evenly coated with a special glue, ditto processing to not glue the hand. ) 5, and glue. ( The patches on the repair area, from slow as a direction, be careful not to have bubbles, and then hand pressed flat. ) 6, pressed firmly. ( After put the glue to the tough stuff, and plain hard heavy pressure to 24 hours after can use.
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