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The use of inflatable pool

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-22
In the summer, swim, wan) Swimming, 这) It is a life-changing event. But too many people in the swimming pool, water quality can't guarantee a clean, especially for children, it is easy to bacterial infection, so some parents give children buy inflatable pool, can use at home, two or three children completely is not a problem. But in the use of inflatable pool also has a few pay attention to the matters need attention. When we were in the use of inflatable pool, don't put too much gas, after too much gas, can cause plastic bear, cause degumming and air leakage, generally your reached 80%. At the start of aeration, because it is flat. We can use coarser inflatable tube, in the later, the gas volume increasing, we are going to use thin gas tubes, in order to better control your. Before we take a bath, where to put the inflatable pool clean, do not leave small stones on the ground and small shards of glass objects such as easy damage of inflatable pool. Where you put the inflatable pool is a little more capacious, because after we lie in the pool, pool will have a little deformation. When we put hot water in the inflatable pool, temperature not too high, generally close to the body's temperature. If we use the hot water temperature is too high, when heated plastic, decomposition, will happen to our human body harmful substances. And if the temperature is too high, the plastic will come unglued, affect the service life of the inflatable pool. When not to use inflatable pool, we'd better not put it in the sun. Because temperature is too high, will cause the plastic softening, affect the service life of the inflatable pool. We'd better put the inflatable pool in home a cool place. This can prolong the service life of gas pools. When do not use the inflatable pool, we need to get the water is clean, had better use wet cloth to air dry the water in the pool. The inflatable pool where away from sharp objects. To avoid being hurt or broken. Impact the phenomenon such as leakage, we use. When our inflatable pool because he was damage, if the gap is very small, we can use the inflatable pool with glue put small crevasse. We can put the glue drop on the break, little break will be automatically closed. If the breach is too big, will think of some way to the other. In the use of inflatable pool, parents can also prepare some lovely inflatable toys for your child, give the child to add some fun. Finally, inflatable pool at the time of use must pay attention to the water temperature, or it will cause explosion of the pool.
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