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the tough lessons of “wolf warrior ii”: the trump effect on china\'s box office

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-14
At the bad summer box office, all the arguments were a huge success.
Here\'s a tip: A superhero travels to a foreign country, gets involved in a foreign war and wins.
Another tip: WW.
No, it\'s not Wonder Woman, though the movie grossed $0. 406 billion at home and $0. 806 billion at the global box office.
I\'m talking about director Wu Jing and his predecessor.
Cold Peak, a special operations soldier in a fictional African country, fought with Western mercenaries to save locals and Chinese.
Released on July 27.
Since then, it has broken the box office record in China.
I know: We \'ve been hearing the phrase \"breaking the box office record in China\" for years, but the reason is: it\'s been happening.
Just 10 years ago, China\'s most popular film this year was the first Transformers movie with $37 at the box office. 2 million.
By contrast, China\'s most recent top rich: they made $2013 in 196,740,000 journey to the West: Conquering demons.
The next year, Transformers: The Age of Extinction made $.
Anger 7 made $390,910,000;
The Mermaid made $526,848,189 in 2015.
Now, Wolf Warriors II has broken this record again, with a total revenue of $0. 848 billion (and counting)in China alone.
In the single market, only one movie has a higher box office: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which earned $0. 936 billion in the United States. S. in 2015.
\"Wolf\" did a good job in China and became the first non-
Hollywood films are among the top 100 in the world.
A bullet Number 57
It has just passed the Wonder Woman \". ” (
Figure by Box Office Mojo)
The atmosphere of the movie \"Lone Wolf\" is obviously 1980.
The Stallone era.
Cold Peak is a muscular front.
The military super patriot, like Rambo, kicked his ass abroad, and as Loki did in Rocky IV, blindfolded himself with a flag.
If you think Stallone\'s film is an assertion of American masculinity against Soviet political oppression, then Wu Jing\'s film is like an assertion of Chinese masculinity against American cultural oppression.
Although the film is ostensibly a villain (
Asian drug lords in Wolf Warriors and African rebel leaders in II)
The real battle for cold peak is with Western mercenaries who belittle the Chinese.
\"You\'re just a group of scouts,\" said Tomcat with a sneer . \"
British martial artist Scott Adkins)
In the Wolf Warrior
\"People like you will always be defeated by people like me,\" sneered Big Dad (
American martial artist Frank grelow)in “II.
\"Here, the West fought for money, not for the country, and when the civil war broke out, they ran away.
Leng Feng said to an active Chinese: \"From the dock
American doctor (
Hong Kong actress Celina Jade)
\"I saw a star-spangled banner flying to the distance among the countless masts.
She called the United States angrily. S. consulate . . .
Then the recording: \"We are closed.
But as others fled, China was heading to the port.
It\'s the world police now.
It is therefore recognized and respected.
Finally, our scarred rags
In a small town, a group of Chinese citizens and African locals were blocked by a gun battle, driving to a safe place.
Are they looking for a way around No?
Leng Feng just hung the Chinese flag on his arm.
He wore a flag on his sleeve.
When they were driving, it solemnly unfolded behind him.
\"Catch your fire!
The soldiers of Africa shouted.
\"It\'s Chinese!
So yes, the comparison with Stallone and \"Rambo\" is reasonable, but it is worthwhile to point out these differences at the box office.
Rambo\'s most popular film, the first drop of blood
The second part, \"Of course, is a blow and Reagan with\" Rocky IV-
The touchstone of the culture of the times, but it is not completely broken
Domestic box office record time.
Not even the highest.
1985 movie (
This distinction belongs to \"back to the future\", with a total revenue of $0. 21 billion compared to Rambo\'s $150).
More, four photos of Rambo for all of them-
In fact, patriotism abroad is doing better than it is in the United States: $443. 8 million vs. $294. 1 million.
This is not the case with \"Wolf Two.
Its Domestic $0. 848 billion dwarfs the $5 m it earned in the world.
Ironically, the film about China\'s influence abroad is only released at home.
But why is it so powerful at home and why everyone seems to be asking this question now.
This is not the \"wave of Chinese nationalism\" as many Western commentators call it \".
Except just now-as-
Two years ago, the super patriotic \"Wolf Warriors\" came out, earning only $81 million in box office revenue.
More importantly, where was nationalism last year? 1 box-
Office hit is a romantic comedy with a strong sense of the environment, telling about a mermaid\'s change since 2016, which will send a flood of China to the American super patrioticS.
The president changed.
Before I solve all this, there are some warnings for Wolf blitz.
I know the difference between boxes.
The office environment of the two Wolf Warriors films.
The first opening was in 2015.
This is not a good time for a movie
Flooded a week later with anger 7.
\"The second one is not only open in a more lucrative summer, but also in a state --
Sanctions imposed on foreign release
A protectionist policy designed to encourage the participation of Chinese peopleproduced films.
So, at the opening of \"Despicable Me 3\", the only competitor in Hollywood, \"II\", was the fourth weekend;
Then there is nothing for a month.
Let me also admit that Wolf Warriors II has a huge production value, a huge explosion, a charismatic lead and kick
In one shot, we saw the cold peak diving from a cargo ship hijacked by Somali pirates, subverting the inflatable of a hijacker, fighting them underwater, and then pulling himself into the inflatable device, pick up the rifle and kill the hijacker with a quick bullet from a few hundred yards awayCue credits.
I also know the danger of assuming everything is related to us.
That is to say, it is fascinating to see when Wolf Warrior II takes off at the box office in an unprecedented way.
Scott Mendelson of Forbes described it as this: \"Wolf Warrior II\" opened. . .
There\'s huge, but there\'s not necessarily a record. setting $136m.
It was nice and beautiful, even with a drop of 15% from Saturday to Sunday and a drop of 2.
9x weekend multiplier.
But the picture made $41.
$5 million on Monday, $42 million on Tuesday, $41.
£ 4, $31 on Wednesday.
Six metres on Thursday, for a week-long $307.
Total operating volume of 3 million and Monday-Total Thursday ($156 million)
Bigger than the movie premiere weekend.
It made another $0. 161 billion over the second weekend, up nearly 12% from its debut.
In other words, after Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the Wolf Warrior II was suddenly kicked out of gear that had never been seen in film history.
Is this just a word? of-
On the first weekend, we may have spoken out about high quality products or done something that might push the film to the stratosphere, and here\'s what we have for Donald Trump
Trump has never been a friend of China.
In 2012, he said on Twitter that the concept of global warming was \"created by the Chinese, but also for the United States. S.
During the 2016 campaign, he repeatedly accused China of \"stealing our jobs \".
In his first act as president
He took the call from the president of Taiwan-
Slap the mainland-
As president, he continued to attack the United States. S.
Mei said, \"We cannot continue to allow China to rape our country.
He then made a strong protest against China against North Korea.
On July 28, at the opening weekend of Wolf Warriors II, the president of the United States made these demeaning comments on Twitter about the world\'s most populous country: I am very disappointed with China.
Our stupid leaders in the past allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars in trade every year. . . . . .
They don\'t do anything to us in North Korea, just say it.
We will not allow this to continue.
China can solve this problem easily!
Both tweets were released on Saturday afternoon, the Sunday morning of China.
A day later, China\'s Xinhua News Agency
The news agency publicly condemned the president.
It advised him to stop \"venting\" on Twitter \",S.
\"Can\'t continue to shirk responsibility [For North Korea
Even more should be a knife in the back of China.
\"Again, it was at this moment that the box office of Wolf Warrior II went crazy.
It is impossible to know if Trump\'s comments have had an impact on the huge financial success of Wolf Warriors II.
\"But if you are a Chinese film lover, in this atmosphere, you would rather watch a romantic fantasy movie about the third Goddess of Heaven,\" Jianguo \"has done too much, or the Chinese super patriot has kicked a grandiose ass and belittled the Americans. If it is true, the irony is overwhelming.
The roar of self-
The announcement of the \"businessman president\" will help to shed light on the power of the Chinese market, as well as the protectionist policies that Hollywood studios are trying to negotiate better deals with China.
Not to make America great again.
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