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The summer water inflatable slide, water trampoline, water inflatable amusement equipment cleaning and maintenance

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
Summer arrived, the hot weather let a person can't help but want to close to water, so the inflatable pool inflatable water slides becomes a good option for children summer out of play. Inflatable pool inflatable water slides are easy to use, excellent performance, comfortable and interesting features, is widely welcomed by consumers. So inflatable pool inflatable water topic of health is more important, this article will from the following three aspects to specific analysis. A, cleaning measures to clean up the inflatable castles, the first thing to do is the exhaust. You have to do is, shut off the power supply, open the vent, the duration of the exhaust around twenty minutes. Then, can use the washing powder will be stolen goods clean on the surface of the inflatable water slides, and dry it. If meet the rainy day, inflatable water slides into the water, must take the water is dry to dry work, otherwise it will make the inflatable water slides material qualitative change. Second, any item of equipment maintenance measures are to maintain, or even the material again good, can't escape from the point of damage. In the periphery of inflatable water slides a few decorative items, be careful not to let the child to pull or scribble in the above, to prevent damage to the facilities. And, if meet the destruction of inflatable water slides, attention should be paid to use special glue bonded will break up, to prevent leakage. Third, matters needing attention for filling water rushed off equipment, often should check the aeration equipment, if encounter a large area of damage, can let the manufacturer to provide maintenance services. On deposit at ordinary times, if it is to pay attention to moistureproof, prevent mosquito bites, to dry storage, to pack equipment fold into the warehouse. Peacetime use of inflatable water slides, attention should be paid to good clean and maintenance work, have to use for a long time, with comfort, with felt relieved.
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