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The size of the tents with the choose and buy

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Now on the market of tents various kinds and different tents have different functions, such as military training will use military tents, workers construction will use tents, use a disaster relief tents, today we will to do to the size of the disaster relief tents and matters of choose and buy one. First is a special relief tents, relief tents size its color is dark blue, in the tent peng body there is relief two words! There are two kinds of his size, one is four meters long and three meters wide. This is a small tent! When the disaster can live about four to five people, another is five meters long and seven metres wide. This tent is slightly larger, inside can live about seven or eight, the number of concrete can be adjust according to the specific situation! Basic family as the unit is settled in a small tent! This tent concentration strong seven fresh gale is no problem! There is a tent is white, the red edge of the tent is bigger, 60 meters long and 40 meters wide, high 18 meters! This tent is commonly used in tents, medical staff after the earthquake landslides blocking traffic, in the case of traffic condition does not allow, patients will undergo surgery here! This tent generally accommodate 20 or 30 people or so. There is a military tents, color is dark green, the size of the tent is there are a lot of changes! But this tent is up and down two floors, the smallest tent is thirty meters, two meters wide, monolayer can live two people, is the upper and lower four people! Medium size is 6 meters long 5 meters wide, commonly monolayer can live twelve, upper and lower twenty-four people can live! The largest size is five meters long and ten meters wide, monolayer can live 20 people can live in upper and lower forty people! This is generally forces personnel rest place, in the case of last resort will be as relief tent use! Relief tent material relief tents Oxford cloth and commonly used material is PVC coated fabric, these two kinds of material more durable wear-resistant, and can also waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation. Material is used in PVC inflatable column double coating cloth, this tent is generally is moistureproof, mouldproof and high intensity, fast molding. Stents are used in metal stents, such ability can use enough to deal with in the process of disaster relief. Choices relief tents tents of choose and buy of relief tents, according to the actual demand to determine when you need to first have to determine their own purposes, use of time, such as: summer, non XueQi, XueQi different time use tents are also different. Need to accommodate the number of people to decide you want a choose and buy of the size of the tent. Tents, the erection site is on a flat, or in the forest and so on different situation, for the performance of the tent cloth with also. The second is in the space of the tent you want to have, the weight of the tent, receive a convenient degree, etc. , these are as the tents of choose and buy the necessary requirements. Relief tent price medical inflatable tent is mainly used for military, civil affairs, the Red Cross, the health department of fires, floods, earthquakes and other sudden disasters relief, this in front of the inflatable tent, small volume, easy to carry, don't need to manually set up, as long as three to five minutes to gas forming, 5 to 8 minutes to recycle inspiratory, make before back to the inflatable tent, tent fabric material for Oxford cloth, PVC coated fabric, inflatable column material: PVC coated polyester grey cloth, to adapt to the highest temperature can reach 65 & deg; , the minimum can withstand minus 40 & deg; Level, the framework can resist six to eight. According to the size of the medical tents and quality result in different prices, the market prices ranging from 200 yuan to 4000 yuan. Note: this price is for reference only! Due to the different region, and of course the price also will be different. If you want to know more related price details, please refer to our local dealers. See if above everyone have some knowledge of the choose and buy of relief tents, relief tents when the choose and buy must be carefully selected, to avoid problems in the process of treating the wounded, the small make up wish you work smoothly. A: a: on the advantages and disadvantages of inflatable tent next article: next up: disaster relief tents to how to install and need to pay attention to what matters
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