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The rational use of inflatable tent can prolong service life

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-12
Canvas is a kind of relatively thick cotton or linen fabric. Named after the deep began to sail. Choose plain arrangement more commonly, a few with twill, warp/weft yarn with more shares. General component is canvas and canvas thin canvas two kinds big. Canvas is also called the canopy cover, 58, commonly used ( 10 the branch) ZhiZhi 4 ~ 7 thread, fabric fast folding, which is good, excellent waterproof for car transport and open-air warehouse to hide and wild curtains. Denim warp/weft yarn is commonly 2 58 to 6 shares, 28 ( 10 English / 2 ~ 21/6) , used in the manufacture of labor protection clothing and supplies. Tarpaulins after dyeing can also be used for shoes, travel bag, backpack, etc. In addition, there are rubber duck, fire prevention, prevent radiation shielding canvas, canvas paper machine. The top of the list and the device of outdoor air curtains, looking for a flat land, in the mud or sand for device, to dig a drainage way around, so that can ensure the boring in the curtains. Be sure to dry in the curtains. Although the wild air curtains must be moistureproof function. But if artificial watering, simply let the curtains be affected with damp be affected with damp, so be careful. Else, in cooking, cooking will surely not from curtains, especially at the fire, to pay more attention to fire prevention. Before, I and my friend is ready to dinner, didn't pay attention to the rest of the fire, results almost burned the curtains. Storage field air curtains of cent, should be dried before storage, not straight away. If there is no time and conditions, also have to be dried after home, avoid moldy. Outdoor air curtains can't use washing machine. To scrub with wet cloth, can also be washed with water, but must pay attention to air dry. A: a: on why choose inflatable tent during camping next article: next up: usually receive a tent is you don't know what are the requirements
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