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the provies: the sutter reflex, hell shift, the marky knockout, and the tanev situation

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-13
After he started working overtime, Brandon Sutter was left on the bench to breathe as much air as possible.
This is his first game in seven weeks.
He missed 21 games.
It\'s not easy.
He leaned over and called.
If there is anything else in his overtime work, there is nothing left.
And his coach knows.
Green played Satat for more than seven minutes in the third game.
The competition ended with regulation of the SAT class.
And it started working overtime at the time of Sutter\'s shift.
\"I tried to shorten the shift time as much as possible,\" Sutter said . \".
\"When you come back, it will definitely take a while for the lungs to start working.
\"I think I play well, but obviously I want to play better.
Green understood the challenge and he knew that Sutter was smoking at the end of the day.
He still patted his second OT shift and passed on the fresher, younger, faster legs, just like the ones jv18 had.
Green said the coach did not think twice and let Sutter take a second shift during overtime work. \"I did a little, to be honest . \".
\"But they have some big bodies and some of their core characters are big.
\"I just think we have to use him.
\"I was sad to put him outside or give him extra shifts.
Sutter\'s intuition made his coach look smart.
When there is a doubt about clicking on Sutter, the Green intuition seems to have been like this all the time.
To be honest, Adler did it.
This is a very active stretch pass that sets up Sutter heroism and captures the wild when changing lines.
\"He played perfectly for me,\" Sutter said . \".
\"It gave me some space --on-
I and I are fast.
\"What he did in that space was a goal.
Sutter arrived two games ago.
He hit one and sat one.
The Canadian team won two.
If Boeser took this picture, we would talk about it for a few days, call it better than Naslund\'s, and label him a better shooter than Bure.
But this is Sutter, his third game of the season. So it’s ho-hum.
There\'s nothing to say.
Photos of Sutter.
He does have a good one.
\"I\'m trying to reverse the situation,\" Sutter said of his release . \".
\"It\'s hard because of their D-
The man reached out and I had to turn my back on him.
\"I think it would be easier to save if I changed the way.
\"This is a transition from hell.
More than three minutes of ice hockey.
People from MDZ and Gudbranson defencemen.
They were buried.
This line is from Gagner.
They have no legs and no help. I don\'t have to say a word to Garger after the game.
He just looked at me and said, \"How long is that time? \" this is 3: 25 of Slammin\' Sammy\'s continuous game time.
\"3: 25 yes, it feels like this.
\"I just want to leave people out there.
\"His lines were caught at the end of the shift.
\"They just keep spinning left and right,\" Vanek said . \" He tried to describe what was going on.
\"We finally gave up.
You must admire his honesty.
\"We sat in the middle hoping someone would take the puck out or Marky would stop it.
\"It\'s not a good moment for any of them, and there\'s a lot of glitches to pick.
Goodie may have the best chance to clarify but not.
You can see that he didn\'t get enough help from his striker.
The same is true here: \"Once you realize that you are in this predicament, you start to protect and try to keep men out,\" said Gagner . \".
\"The last thing you want is
Expand yourself by trying to hit the ball, or try to pin a person to the board.
\"You try to save your legs and lungs as much as possible.
\"It\'s really hard to do.
Marsktrom said what it was like for the goalkeeper \"I\'m tired too.
\"I\'m trying to track the puck outside, it\'s left to right, from top to bottom.
\"I want to freeze the ice hockey.
\"It\'s all tracking for me.
Just follow the ice hockey, don\'t panic.
Follow it with your eyes.
\"Yes, I will tilt like this.
But the defense of the Canadian team is much better than before.
Marky got the honor, but the funny weird stuff
Maybe one or two plays will play \"man\" and \"back door play\".
Boeser scored only one goal in six 2018 Games.
Is it getting harder to be a flower that sometimes looks like it?
It\'s time to go to panicHardly.
If not better, he is also doing better than at any time this season.
He shot six shots tonight and gave the sick pass to Tanev, which directly led to Vanek\'s goal.
He checked his shoulders to get the laying of the land, entered the corner, and carried some sauce on his back.
This is a good play.
He did a lot.
He has a big impact on defense.
This month, no player has done more in terms of controlling shot attempts, in which case no player can stop the shot attempt.
This is a good sign for him.
Control the lens, the target will come.
Plus, like I said, he shot six shots.
The goal is at hand.
A pass to Boeser, or no pass, will make all the headlines.
But don\'t make a mistake. Edler\'s leaving.
At least ham like Adler.
Since the new year, his 27 shots have ranked fourth in the NHL.
His 5 points made him seventh in D-. men.
And his 25 minutes.
Game ice time is 11
Is he perfect? Of course not.
But he has done his best, and if you intend to throw an arrow as he leaves, you must give him love as he leaves.
I think this chart of unblocked shots
Try to see clearly the defensive position of the Canadian defender, who played well and who didn\'t.
Oh hello Pouliot, compared to the way they fired Henrik, where did you see how the team covered Boeser on PP: this is not a good trade Train
Unless you like hitz.
Because goodie is bringing hitz.
He played early in the game.
He was late for the game.
This is what Canucks hope.
Because he also shot high on the ice.
Partner Del Zotto did not help him.
This is not very good.
Green did what he could do to help, except to find a different companion to goodbranson.
He played a lot of this pairing game with Hendrick\'s lines and provided them with a lot of o-zone starts.
This does not help with the JV18 line, Henrik and Lui are the only underwater line in Canada, which is very surprising as these three are good defensive players, they are the best in controlling shooting attempts throughout the season.
Are they pressed with MDZ?
That\'s what goodie thinks.
This is not good: so-called 4-
44 duo played two goals on the ice and five of the last seven games scored in Canada.
The biggest concern may be the Canadian savings percentage on ice with goodbranson. It’s a .
946 in evens, this is incredible and will definitely go backwards.
This means that if one of the sales is related to plus
Now goodbranson is second in Canada.
2 rating, the sooner things happen, the better, because it\'s unlikely to get better.
In fact, the opposite is true. Yikes.
Let\'s hope this is not the case. Yes, this is a good point.
Because if Tanev is not the top four, what exactly is the battle between MDZ and guiddythe for the Canadian net? Or lost.
Markstrom has started 14 games since December 1.
If it were a fight, we would call it a fight. Knockout. Game over.
There are only five people in Nelson.
Five games in six weeks.
Unfortunately, for Nielsen, Max trom played better, as did the skater in front of him.
It looks like Nielsen has fallen far behind Canada\'s priority list at some point in the summer of last year.
Before reaching an agreement with Nielsen, they showed interest in both Jonathan Burney and Steve Mason.
It\'s really close to Bernier.
With Mason coming, and with the story going on, Canadians first said they were not interested when his camp reached out, but later circled over him.
Mason\'s interest shows that kanuks are not sold on Markstrom because it is really \"no \". 1 (
Mason signed for more than $4 million a year)
Canada is also very open to bringing Ryan Miller back.
But as the season continues, Markstrom seems to be getting better and better.
In his four games in January, his rescue rate was. 924.
He has some wonderful saves tonight, and there is nothing more to emphasize than this stop on OT\'s Spurgeon.
\"I was really surprised,\" Markstrom said . \". “He one-
What I didn\'t expect was timing.
Markstrom said he started feeling much better before eight games.
\"I\'m really good and in practice,\" he said . \".
\"Me and (Cloutier)
In small things
I think I \'ve been able to bring what we\'re talking about into my game very quickly.
\"This is a small matter.
But you have to work hard in practice.
You will feel much better when it works in the game.
Daniel Sedin\'s back spasm
Whether or not the Kanak people fully understand their dependence on Sedin shenrick for 30 crazy assists.
People evaluate the location of the Canadian reconstruction and probably should wait to see how they don\'t have Sedins.
Because if you remove Sedin from the roster this year, the Kanaks are coyotes, and Max trom lost the ice hockey in the game. Work overtime.
He is around the post on the right, trying to pick it up and search behind the web.
Eric Staal saw the puck, but on the other side of the ice, in the corner.
Staal then made a potentially serious mistake.
\"I don\'t know where the puck is, but I heard Staal shouting for it,\" Marky said . \".
\"This is an empty net. He is standing there.
\"It asked me to take my mat in front of his stick.
\"You\'ll see Markstrom wrap that head around and spray it out of his left Board to stop something that might be the winner of the game.
The owner of Meh made it all over.
Maybe in the game against the old players.
Maybe he really wants to live in Vancouver.
A few days ago, Vanek said he hopes that two consecutive victories before the break will help the ears of Canada flip.
He wrote down the first part of the equation.
We wait on our ears. flipping.
His celly is as enthusiastic as we have seen from Tommy Gun this season.
Weapons advance into the air
Then some fists.
I don\'t know if there is any correlation between his excitement in the game and how long he spent on the ice during the warm-up.
As you know now, Vanek left early to warm up. Like way early.
Six minutes earlier.
He was advised to take a shower before the game (Is that one thing).
Others thought he was meditating alone in the dressing room.
At some point the mystery will be solved.
We don\'t know much.
Of course, we did ask Vanek about jelly post-game.
\"Ah, that\'s great,\" he said . \"
\"Here comes my child. It was great.
This is a big goal for our team.
This whole thing is amazing.
When he let them know that he was a fan of Vikings and a fan of Packers, Boeser turned his head around in his hometown.
\"I\'m a Packers and Vikings,\" he said . \"
In conclusion, it is not possible to believe this reaction.
\"I have to do this,\" he said . \"
\"I\'m a fan of the Packers, and my brother married a Viking cheerleader.
\"He won\'t take me to the game unless I become a Beijing fan.
Now my girlfriend is a cheerleader for the Viking team.
\"His brother is married to a Viking cheerleader who is dating a family member.
\"I\'m wearing my Brett Favre Vikings jersey (Saturday)
In the evening, \"said Boser.
Good compromise.
I need a photo of the traffic for Favre.
Think of what the Vikings victory means for the flowers he is locked together with Tommy Cannon, during which Tommy Cannon made Minnie his home.
\"It was cool at the time of the national anthem, and I\'m sure they didn\'t mean anything disrespectful, but you heard a huge cheer,\" the gun explained . \".
\"We look at each other. (Boeser)
There were six people coming down from me, and I was like there was no way.
\"We watched the replay.
The wildlife played it on the scoreboard. “Wow. What a play. \"Great.
\"This is indeed the case.
Give me some good things.
Pouliot can use some Stans.
You have to wear it if you are in trouble like this.
You may not be wrong.
It\'s hard for me to see Travis Green playing without Dodd right now.
After the game, Guy was also very big in the locker room.
He told Sutter how great and important his goal was and told others: \"It\'s a huge fucking winning boy. Huge win.
\"He\'s on these ships for moral purposes.
Seems to be your 2017 heart and soul type soon
18 Canucks version.
Starting today: for anyone who likes to absorb the Canadian Army on a regular basis, we will see you at home.
In a more charming so-
Deep Dive, which I \'ve read this season, is called deep dive, and Petbug discusses this precise topic in a breakdown that highlights all the advantages of the analytical work.
I\'m not going to ruin-
Haha, that\'s pretty good ending, but what I\'m going to say is that basically, Petbug shows that compared to the rest of the league, the Canadian team is a higher-than-average when it\'s behind one team.
When it comes to the team\'s performance in one lead after another, well: \"The Canadian team is the worst team in the league and produces shooting attempts when leading a goal.
In an exclusive interview with Provies, Sutter was asked to compare his role this year with that of last year.
He did not flinch too much.
\"It\'s definitely a different feeling from last year,\" Sutter said . \".
\"In fact, I prefer this side of it.
Wait, Sutter scored 17 goals last year. He has two.
Shouldn\'t hockey be about goals, says Sutter? \"I just prefer to play a game role . \".
\"When I\'m not worried about something about power play, I feel like I\'m a better penalty killer.
\"You can focus on one thing.
Some nights, when there are lots of penalties, it\'s hard to get back from PP to PK.
It\'s hard to keep your energy and focus.
I think it helps both me and our team.
We all have a clearer role. ”“The five-on-
I like five games.
You know what you expect.
I can\'t speak for everyone, but I think it\'s a very common feeling. ”Oh snap.
You like this, you like the show: Yes, Canadians are sitting there and they think they are the defenders of the NHL.
But there are six strong goalkeepers in minorsHello.
When your Vancouver Canucks, a franchise that has been looking for effective walking routes for many years, this will get your attention. And years.
Larsen won 26 games on flex last year, and Holm is still waiting for a game, which seems to be a cruel twist.
There is little light at the end of his tunnel, and the only thing that might change is injury.
I\'m not even sure more goals will help him.
But, he says, whether all of these goals are getting green\'s attention.
\"I talked to Trent (Cull)
We talked about Holm today.
\"It\'s not just about the points below. Can you play 5-on-
Can you compete and defend in your own area? \"There is a big difference between AHL hockey and NHL hockey.
\"You can be a point guard at that level.
But that doesn\'t mean you will reach that level.
\"So what is Carl\'s comment ? \" He played very well.
He likes his game.
\"Those guys push every day.
Their level of competition must be high.
\"You can succeed and score points at this level, but is this equivalent to an NHL game\", and I will advise them that he still has work to do.
I do hate pun, but a man will nail one when he nails one.
Spoiler warning: I don\'t think Tanev will be traded.
I do think Canadians are willing to change their minds, but, I feel the same way about Heton, and I just didn\'t see a team coming up with an offer to get them to do that.
At least, there won\'t be any time before the deadline.
Now, I\'m stuck this week. I saw it-called TTC-
The movement broke out and the virus spread.
The scout was asked about him.
By the way, there are bad scouts around the NHL.
Ask any GM how hard it is to find a really good company).
Public opinion surveys on sports radio are underway.
This is the topic discussed during a stopover in Canada on Friday --CBJs .
Damn, Dellow weighed, basically wrote an inspiring impromptu blog on it.
For a few days, I felt that I could not escape Tanev\'s conversation.
Even in Atlanta, I ended Saturday in some way.
Usually, such a collective conflict arises from rumors, but not.
Where exactly did Tanev jag\'s original thing, and before Moj lit the fire of the whole house, we went deep into the place.
Black does know that Sat clicked on this and was covered by it last week.
Does he always agree on this issue? The same is true of another person.
I don\'t mind blaming Pratt at all.
Did he get this goingThen, someone in the media messaged me and thought I was with Halford and brogh, which really surprised me.
Those guys have a clip on it.
Ask me.
Then something like this happened: Dear God, have I been involved in this, is it Halford, or Pratt, or is it sitting, or, heck, a & W can really be involved in this.
As far as I know, Tanev Club is a thriving industry in the media.
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