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The Mid-Autumn festival holiday notice on National Day

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
Dear customer: hello! During the National Day festival celebrating the country, first in 2017 to express our heartfelt thanks to you for our support and cooperation. Under your support and trust, we will be in the fierce market environment. In order to celebrate the National Day, according to the holiday provisions of the State Council and the details of our company, our National Day holiday time is classified as 1 October 2017 solstice have holiday on October 7, a total of 7 days. Among them, the October 1 solstice 7 between someone on duty, can feel free to telephone counseling. On September 30 ( On Saturday) , Oct. 8 ( Sunday) Normal work. After October 7 can be normal delivery, in order to ensure the normal operation of don't hold up you, please arrange purchase plan and the inconvenience due to holiday, please understanding! The amusement equipment co. , LTD. All staff to wish you a happy National Day Mid-Autumn festival, good health, money and treasures will be plentiful. I hope you can continue to support our work, wish our cooperation more closely, wish our business more brilliant! Amusement equipment co. , LTD. On September 30, 2017
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