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The method of disaster relief tents set up

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Open canvas tents awning body framework packaging bags, packaging bags and take out the general rod eight root and has good bonding fixed the three groups of end of the wire rope tee, the four-way herringbone and connected into three groups. Outer tent set in three groups of a-frame cotton outside the tank, and adjust the position. Stud 6 rods respectively inserted into the tee and four-way, tent with six people together to set up, and have been put to rod head member joined up. Gable side wall and cotton cotton bladder bladder with nylon thread gluing adhesive is good, and adjust the position. Each part banding belt fasten, nylon zippers buckle, and adjust the tent position, connected to the framework of the bar. Side walls and gable shakedown tent bladder by nylon fastening adhesion. The corresponding location on the ground into the triangle pile, fixed rope, adjust the tightness, and rubber pile head set on triangular pile end face, ridging buried around the tent. First select the camp, the disaster relief tents in account flat out on the floor, generally is the internal account, but there are some first hang up external accounts in drill to account, in principle is the need to wear a tent pole of the layer, the folding tent pole, tall straight, with a long stem, according to the directions wear into the tent curtain rod set above, common tent is cross tees. Building canvas tents, of course, the most important is safe, of course, want to choose to stay away from the cliff, scarp, dry trees, more smooth, easy to open drainage relief camp, can prevent rockslides, flash floods, landslides and heavy rains, and the beast, the snake rat infestation. Around the tent to excavation, sink to choose according to the direction of the wind tent open position, after a good tent to nail up, hang up wind rope. A: a: on what are the precautions for construction of the tent next article: next up: the difference between the inflatable tent and ordinary tents
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