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The main body of large inflatable structure is introduced

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Inflatable tent is a kind of simple structural principle of the high temperature thermal set built inflatable framework, using features such as the gas pressure will balloon expansion form has certain rigidity of cylinder, it is easy to carry, small volume, small make up today for everyone to make a brief introduction of the main body of large inflatable tent, is subdivided into each different functional parts. 1, pillars: a straight one or two, three connections of various types. Some pillar of the bend tube, need to connect with wire. Frame: warhead type large inflatable tent or cabin type large inflatable tent, with short bar shape materials synthesis pillar or beams. 2, wall: large inflatable tent side wall sections. Some large inflatable tent not at all. Will be part of the roof, forward open to other pillar. For a large inflatable tent of inward and outward. The window can be set in the other side. 3, ground mat: for large inflatable tent, spread on the floor mat. If it's humid place also needs to be spread a layer of bamboo. In big inflatable tent roofs, and then the other laid mat, under the strong sunlight. By separated on both ends of the pillars, pillar role to avoid tilt, and nail. 4, faller hammer or a hammer: the nails into the ground. With wood or metal HuoKou, attached to the main rope or Angle parts of rope, the rope through the intervening two holes, mobile can control cable. The pillar, nails, curtain and faller hammer good cloth pouch. When choosing inflatable tent, the best is to put the inflatable tent is good, and convenient to observe the tents are there any special mechanical parts, each part key check whether tent layout department too too tight, force, good tent should each part of the uniform stress. On one: a: outdoor camping and what can be done to ensure a safe and comfortable next article: next up: what are the precautions for construction of the tent
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