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The installation of tents

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Disaster has a part is man-made, some is caused by natural disasters, man-made disasters we can strengthen management to avoid, and natural disasters can't avoid. When some of the earthquake, tsunami, typhoons, floods and other natural disasters, the wounded treatment is called for, houses were damaged can only be used for disaster relief tents. Speed up the installation of tents can in time to rescue the wounded, so relief tents how to install? Relief for 12 m2 single tents for rectangular double slope straight wall architectural style. Open the door in a triangular Windows open gable; Open the window gable triangle window, a square window a, two each square Windows open on both sides of the wall. From the side walls can be ChengYang tent, whole tent by the rope, using triangular pile reinforcement. In line with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of MZ/T 011. 2 - 2010 standard. Disaster relief tents using single coated PVC waterproof and flame retarding coating. Under and eight grade wind load safe use, service life is 2 years in a row. Relief inflatable gas column frame structure with polyester fabric with PVC coating, inflatable tent with thermal bonding or adhesive bonding forming has a high tensile strength, good air tightness, light weight, convenient to carry. Disaster relief inflatable tent structures, disassembly is simple and quick, you can install or remove in a very short period of time, to save your precious time. Better heat preservation sex and inflatable tent is made of high quality PVC tarpaulin, tear resistance, better tensile strength, better aging resistance, long service life. Under and eight grade wind load safe use, service life is 2 years in a row. Learn the tent open method. Disaster relief tents set up, installed at the top of the crossbar & ndash; Installation of oblique beam & ndash; Cover the tent & ndash; Install side pillar & ndash; Install the other side pillar & ndash; Installation to connect pipe & ndash; Pull the tarpaulins, complete the installation. Disaster relief tents as the most commonly used relief supplies, requires us to relief rescue team players to master structures, methods, and guidance to assist victims in the disaster zone, in order to improve work efficiency. On a story: a: buy used construction should pay attention to what the next tent: next up: what are the benefits of inflatable tent?
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