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the haute couture scarf that thinks it\'s a crash helmet

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-03
This is one of the most fascinating product designs I \'ve seen in a long time.
The first video you see below shows a series of very attractive headscarves on display in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, 2011.
On the right you can see a less colorful version.
The secret of this device/accessory is the slight volume-
It disguised an airbag for cyclists.
Hammerding bicycle airbag-
When the Swedish government authorized the helmet, the project began.
For young people.
Adults are also under increasing pressure to use them, and guess what, adults don\'t like to be told what to do --
Or wearing something out of fashion on your head.
Founder Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin decided to study the issue for their master\'s thesis in industrial design.
How do you make security attractive and even stylish?
The current price is 400 euros (about $530)
But, Anna says, the components they use are all new, and prices are bound to drop as the product becomes popular.
She added, \"We have studied this product for 7 years for people who care about their lives and styles.
\"Since they started thinking about scarves, they have created hundreds of bike accidents.
The product must explain the specific movements of cyclists before the accident occurs, so that it can know exactly when the scarf\'s sensor should deploy the airbag.
The airbag also comes with a black box that records what happened during the accident to help us better understand the bike damage and how to prevent it.
Scarves have been sold so far in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
It is sensational and has prevented serious damage and should set a new standard for how we design our safety products.
Check out the second video to see what happens when you get hit by a car wearing Hövding scarf.
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