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the doctor game: common sense goes to pot at marijuana clinics

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-29
\"Why should I give you a urine test?
\"I asked the receptionist at the Cannabis Clinic.
She replied: \"Because there is no one, we can\'t see you. Every time you come back, you must give us one.
It\'s to make sure you\'re not taking illegal drugs.
So at the age of 94, I asked her, a gray-haired doctor, tired after a traffic conflict with Toronto, walking on crutches, \"Do I really look like an addict?
\"I reluctantly gave her a urine sample!
Why would I be there?
A few years ago, I had a Japanese massage at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.
During the operation, a petite girl suddenly punched me on the head side for no reason.
I swear to heaven that I did not pinch her, nor did I do anything that was not a gentleman.
But this blow hurt the ulnar nerve in my hand, causing chronic neck pain in later life.
I never forgot her.
I have done a lot of what readers with chronic pain do.
I exercised my neck muscles through massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage.
I have refused to take prescription painkillers for many years.
I think the reader is overused.
But there was morphine in the University Clinic.
Just let me fall asleep.
I should add that I have seen it at a neurosurgeon in Boston, Toronto and Israel, and I interviewed them about spinal injuries.
They all thought I was not a candidate for surgery because MRIs did not show a specific lesion.
This is great for the accuracy of MRIs!
Now, like many patients and doctors, I find that chronic pain is not easy to diagnose and treat.
So I work on the computer and have an inflatable neck sleeve around my neck which is helpful.
Now, for some reluctance, I decided to try medical marijuana (marijuana).
But every time I go, asking for a urine test is a waste of taxpayers\' money because some people cheat.
But this is a small fee compared to cheating that happens in addiction clinics.
The best example I know is that in Ontario, a province in Canada, 42,000 drug addicts are being treated for heroin.
I repeat the 42,000
This means that 42,000 drug addicts need to have 42,000 urine samples per week at the General Assembly.
Line up for addiction clinics to make sure they don\'t cheat and take illegal drugs.
It costs millions of dollars to pay taxes.
This also makes the doctors who run these rallies
The factory is very rich.
All this means, good old man.
The old-fashioned horse feels as extinct as the dodo.
As a journalist, I spent many days in the United States. S.
So I have the Nexus pass every year.
That means I was interviewed by Canada and the United States. S.
Make sure I have no immigration officer with a criminal record.
I was also photographed and fingerprint.
But I have a Nexus Pass and the clinic doesn\'t care at all.
I also have to provide an unnecessary sample of urine.
Today, health-
A medical system that desperately needs money, and we need to take tough measures against cheaters.
Why can\'t addiction clinics perform random urine tests on drug addicts?
If found cheating, send them to northern Canada to cut firewood.
They will soon be cured of their addiction.
I mentioned the idea a few months ago.
Many angry readers agree with me.
So why don\'t we do random urine tests at the Cannabis Clinic?
If I get caught cheating I also need to get a ticket to the well
Woodland in northern Canada.
I told the clinic doctor that I was not interested in marijuana and did not want to smoke.
So I got an oral marijuana drop.
They contain cannabis CBD ingredients that can only relieve pain.
I will keep you informed of my progress.
But I believe it will take weeks for the results to be evaluated.
I am worried that another idiot will appear after marijuana is legal in Canada.
I still have to go to the clinic to get medical marijuana.
But I can buy recreational marijuana at any legitimate store, enjoy it, drive and kill people.
So is it also possible for me to get medical marijuana in these legal channels?
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