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The difference between the inflatable tent and ordinary tents

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Inflatable tent is a kind of tent, but also different with the ordinary tent, the tent is permanently inflatable support and previous galvanized pipe support is different. So where is the difference between the inflatable tent and ordinary tents? 1, the inflatable tent is column support, inflated and deflated air pump is used to finish, the time is about 8 minutes greatly reduce the manpower. 2, said goodbye to the past drab interior, inflatable tent interior is a luxurious interiors, wedding ceremony, yes, it is the best choice. Very nice atmosphere used after eternal life unforgettable. 3, inflatable tent use of fabric is the most advanced flame retardant gas membrane cloth. The ground of the inflatable tent is: knife cloth greatly improve the use value and life of the product. Of course, inflatable tent interior is ice silk cloth when decorate the gauze curtain. Luxurious interior as you choose. So there must be many people resist the thrill of the heart is all want to push more in-depth understanding of inflatable tent? The choice of the inflatable tent is measured according to the diameter, inner diameter need to remove the gas column 25 cm thick. A: a: on disaster relief tents set up under the method of an article: next up: disaster relief tents method how to set up
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