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The depth resolution inflatable castle process

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-20
Depth resolution inflatable castle process since March 2016, shandong and shaanxi continuous several inflatable amusement equipment ( Inflatable castle) Safety accidents, for the operation and inflatable amusement equipment, the size of any accident is almost a disaster, inflatable amusement equipment operation safety is affected by multiple factors, as long as the proper measures can achieve sustainable operation safety. 1 inflatable amusement equipment itself security at present, many many inflatable amusement equipment manufacturers have production qualification, to produce products with no security. A production qualification of amusement equipment factory must also have inflatable amusement equipment safety testing laboratory, main testing for raw materials, raw materials whether meet the national environmental protection requirements, have a harm to children; Raw materials of wear test, after thousands of times of test to detect the wear degree of raw materials; Amusement equipment structure of the test, whether the internal structure of the support have a certain weight, the equipment structure is solid; Amusement equipment crash tests, etc. This series of tests to insure the safety of amusement equipment products. Appear more safety accidents are associated with the operator's choice of equipment factory, general operator's cognitive only on the product appearance, size, price, for the internal structure of products, such as safety design little attention. 2 business inflatable amusement equipment insufficient preparation before inflatable amusement equipment as a profit-making profitable projects, geared to the needs of customer group is given priority to with children, must be ready before amusement equipment ideas and security aspects of preparation, operation and public project is must have risk awareness, a lot of people think the inflatable amusement equipment, very safe, find a good site blows up can business to make money. There are a lot of preparation work needs to be done, such as the choice of operation sites, should choose the venue for a flat, no sharp objects; Inflatable equipment safety fixed requirements, have the wind rope, the expansion of the fixed on the ground screw ( Hardening the ground) Or anchor ( No hardening the ground) ; Suddenly loses power emergency response requirements, prepare for the unexpected safety drills; Many aspects, such as sudden wind emergency handling requirements are need to be prepared. 3 operation safety management of non-standard inflatable amusement equipment is the most prone to accidents in business, many operators not installed inflatable amusement equipment safety management norms to operate. Formal inflatable amusement equipment factory installation and operating instructions for operators to provide products and inflatable amusement equipment safety management specification, will introduce in detail the risk in the management and protection. Operators should be in strict accordance with the inflatable amusement equipment instructions for equipment management and operators training guide, part of the inflatable amusement facility operator pay attention to economic benefit and ignore the security management, often make the equipment is in a state of no one check, not found hidden trouble in security equipment in time. Individual operators or managers or even directly, without learning related specification for equipment operation not skilled, safety problems. Visit to visit children and guardian for safety instructions, including play posture, you play the matters needing attention, etc. 4 after the business did not do any cleaning and maintenance of all inflatable amusement equipment management require cleaning and maintenance, after the formal manufacturer to provide cleaning and maintenance guidance or sent to the scene to clean the instruction. General points of main equipment cleaning and maintenance, cleaning and maintenance, and attached device for main equipment are in need of external scrubbing, drying, maintain internal air circulation, then into the clean equipment fold, bundling, packing is good. For ancillary equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection, then in maintenance, after the work was finished equipment stored in ventilated place, moistureproof, anticorrosion. Do the cleaning and maintenance, then management can guarantee the safe operation of the equipment. Inflatable amusement equipment ( Inflatable castle) Safety is concern for each operator, the operator needs from the selection of amusement equipment manufacturer, the management before fully prepared, the safety management standard and management after the cleaning and maintenance aspects do their work, can be in the business of inflatable amusement equipment safely and sustainable management. Recommended reading: inflatable castle product discount promotion, speed
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