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The correct way of open the inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
I believe everyone is likely to be encountered this kind of situation, use the tent for the first time will not build the embarrassing situation. Inflatable tent and tents is actually the same, the application of all kinds of frame structure and some of the basic mechanics principle, inflatable tent is just building up through the air to make tents, as long as a gas filling can use it. Due to the material and structure principle of inflatable tent, light and easy to carry, so they are widely used in all kinds of risk and disaster, field training and some aspects, such as camping. For one, the advantages compared with ordinary tents, as a result of the inflatable tent is used after aeration, so when not in use can be folded, weight is very small, very easy to carry, this is a very big advantage. Inflatable tent at the time of installation and removal is very convenient, can save a lot of manpower, very suitable for use when emergency incidents. If you meet some bad weather conditions, ordinary tents to quickly transport to where it is needed, but the inflatable tent can be transport through some special means, such as air drops. Second, the matters needing attention in the use of inflatable tent, in order not to happen equipment damage, so must be more careful when using. In some structures, inflatable tent, the sediment environment in order to prevent the tent wet and uninhabitable, beside the tents of the best land to dig some drains. Due to the particularity of inflatable tent material, so if meet special circumstances must be living in tent when cooking, be sure to keep flame away from the tent material surface or cut off with some flame flame blocking of tents, ready to put out the fire at any time even at the same time, prevent the happening of the fire. On a story: a: rapid method under a tent: next: about purchasing 'military tents,' be careful is a scam!
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