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The children's inflatable slide track how to choose

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-22
Play is a set research and development, production, sales for the integration of large-scale amusement equipment production enterprise, specializing in the production of large children rushed off equipment, parents rushed off equipment, land children rushed off equipment, children rushed off carnival, stent pool, stents, pool, mobile water park, inflatable castles, inflatable slide, inflatable pool, inflatable swimming pool and other facilities equipment, 24 hours of unified national service hotline: 400 - 997 - 2223, welcome your inquiry! Now children inflatable slide business is hot, a lot of people want to join the amusement equipment management team, but suffer from cannot find a suitable venue, have not been able to engage in children's amusement equipment business. Now many city square in the maintenance, or create the city of David, or square put amusement equipment is forbidden. How to select site, is that many operators are faced with the problem. Children's inflatable slide area generally is the park, square, stadium, scenic spots, shopping malls, village, town, bazaar, temple fairs, etc. The park inflatable slide usually have children, a saturation, even if no relationship is difficult to enter the new park. Square is the best of the inflatable slide business place, but not to put, now a lot of square or is facing fierce competition in the market. Normally the stadium as a workout, and not make business. Stream of temple fair, but there is fierce competition. Scenic spots, shopping malls, village, town, market these places is not only suitable for children's inflatable slide, children's sites you find. Now the development of scenic spot is more, and more small and medium-sized scenic spot, generally foreign investment. Market average rent although expensive, but in the four seasons, children is not affected by the weather and the characteristics of the stream. Community is also very good communication with property commonly, if surrounded by schools, such as business is also possible. Township, mart has very big development space, the last two years the villages and towns children's amusement park has developed rapidly, the urbanization development, villages and towns of ground rent generally relatively cheap, children good search, holiday traffic is also very big. Customers can according to their own position in the city or in the country, choose to suit their own playground area. Premise to do traffic survey statistics, comprehensive rental prices, charge level etc, choose the best site. Recommended reading: inflatable castle which investment projects need?
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