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The characteristics of the inflatable tent, as well as maintenance and repair

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
The general requirements of the characteristics of the inflatable tents inflatable tent is light weight, simple assembly and rigid long time stability, water proofing property is good, fast supporting, use comfortable, convenient maintenance, long service life, special, good adaptability to the environment. Its products are generally adopt the principle of structural mechanics design framework, by making use of the characteristics of gas pressure gasbag swell form has certain rigid cylinder, through the organic combination of propping up the skeleton of inflatable tent. As the skeleton material strength size, can set up a tent bearing size; Using polymer coating performance, decides the service life of the framework and frame rigidity to maintain; And the rationality of the air chamber is set, it determines the framework of limit. All kinds of valve ( Charging valve, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valves, safety, etc. ) Determines the overall performance of inflatable tent, such as: air speed of the fast speed, exhaust, inflatable limit constraint, the good and bad of air tightness, the valve under special environment adaptive performance & hellip; … 。 And so on, and all kinds of valve form of material selection, structure design, also caused the development of the exhaust system. In addition, the choice of the tent and the selection of loose body parts are also decides the practicability and applicability of inflatable tent and value the use of the special environment, etc. Beautiful sex, of course, their products and humanized and may also affect its product popularization application field. Inflatable tent maintenance of inflatable tent when used in strict accordance with the manual and matters needing attention shall, first of all, follow the instructions. At high temperature in summer volume not exceeding the standards stipulated above, and check the volume, pressure is too high should appropriate is deflated. Winter and slightly low temperatures in the morning to pay attention to the proper pressure, so as not to affect the normal use. Not with the object of temperature above 70 ℃ and the flame is close to, TPU products try to avoid contact with objects for a long time over 50 ℃) ; Inflatable tent shall not come into contact with sharp objects when using, so as not to scratch airbag; Repair 1 inflatable tent, to find out the leakage point namely the airbag cut 2, to cut with the air of the same material surface and the flat surface to clean up, special circumstances need to burnish. 3, glue before pay attention to the environment of viscose, operating environment must be kept clean. 4, brush glue must be uniform, width is consistent, can't brush or glue leakage liquid accumulation phenomenon. 5, brush glue must be strictly controlled in the drying time, for the first time dry glue solution, can brush the second time, the second time glue liquid dry, gluing operation can be performed after completion of 6, viscose, again use my company for more than 24 hours should be parked at the same time following the above concept, draw lessons from foreign advanced production technology, combined with modern high frequency thermal bonding technology, design and manufacture a series of distinctive inflatable tent; Not only ensure the quality of its products, in the aspects of its appearance design is more humanized. A: a: on how to better maintain travel tent next article: next up: disaster relief tents which should meet the performance requirements
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