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The basis of the inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Inflatable tent use after cleaning and maintenance is also very important, it relates to the lifespan of the inflatable tent, also directly affects the later use, clean up the inflatable tent should follow the following procedures: 1, clear the inflatable tent floor, wipe the sediment, if there is a slight sediment available water scrub. 2, cleaning the poles of sediment. 3, unfavorable use washing supplies erase so as not to affect the waterproof effect. 4, dries inflatable tent inside and outside account, wait for after its recovery and dry away, such as too late to inflatable tent to dry, remember must not far, in order to avoid coloring and mildew, a conditional, dry immediately. 5, check the inflatable tent accessories in good condition. Beijing jing state special equipment co. , LTD. Is a set design, production, sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises. The company has the advanced automation production lines and special equipment, has strong inspection, testing equipment and means, and has a group of professional team composed of senior engineer and technician, the company has passed the IS09000 quality system certification, and is being dealt with CE product certification, provide strong guarantee for our products. Is rescue protection at home and abroad, and emergency rescue equipment and related products suppliers. My company's main products are military inflatable tent, fire wash-infection inflatable tent, civil parties inflatable tents, outdoor large inflatable tents, medical relief inflatable tent, drifting boat, inflatable pool, frame type swimming pool, folding tables and chairs, etc. Widely used in national defense, medical, scientific research, disaster relief, emergency rescue, tourist entertainment and other industries. Company uphold the & throughout; People-oriented, due to the societe generale, the customer is supreme, service in mind throughout the &; Tenet, with first-class product quality and the exquisite technical service in the industry rapid rise, tent users for various fields of social consensus. A: a: what should we do with inflatable air column part leak? Next article: next article: how to better maintain tourism tents
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