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the 25 must-know christmas facts

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-01
Miranda Kerr sings in this quirky Japanese commercial advertisement for Lipton tea fireplace outer cover decorated with stockings and candles: the supplier thinks you know everything about Christmas?
From sexy Santa Claus to Christmas socks, here are 25 quirky facts to keep you in the mood during the holiday season.
How did the name of A Christmas Carol come from? 1.
The word carol may come from French \"carole\" or Latin \"carula\", meaning a round dance.
The earliest carol about Mary and Jesus was written in 1410. 2.
Who is the inspiration for Scrooge?
When Charles Dickens visited Edinburgh in 1842, he saw the tombstone of Ebenezer skroji and filled in his classic character skroji in time.
The novelist misinterpreted the last name on the tombstone as Scrooge, thinking that \"mealman\" is \"mean man\", referring to Scrooge\'s career as a corn trader. Cemetery discovery. .
Charles Dickens found inspiration for Scrooge in an unusual environment. Source:AP3.
Who stuffed the first Christmas socks?
Christmas socks are said to have evolved from the story of three sisters who are too poor to afford a wedding dowry and are therefore destined for prostitution.
However, St. Nicholas, the rich bishop of Smyrna (
The predecessor of Santa Claus)
Climb down the chimney and generously fill the stockings with gold coins. So to speak.
Christmas gift: Fireplace outer cover decorated with stockings and candles.
Who is the hottest Santa Claus?
There is really no competition here.
Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr likes to wear Santa\'s suit, whether in her past life as Victoria\'s Secret Angel or in her quirky Japanese TV commercial for Lipton Tea
As for those guys, there\'s only one winner-The Hof. 5.
Why are you in a pear tree.
The legend surrounding the penultimate lyrics of The Twelve Days of Christmas is that Patric is a symbol of Jesus, and the pear tree refers to the tree of life on the cross. He\'s a giver . . .
The rest of Santa Claus dwarfs David. . .
Source: supplier 6.
Why do we celebrate Christmas on December 25? In A. D.
350 Pope julius I of Rome declared December 25 the official date of celebration for Christ\'s birthday. 7.
How many calories do I burn for Christmas?
Unless you grind grin and refuse to spend Christmas, you may burn about 7000 calories.
Considering that the recommended calorie intake for women is 2000 per day and 2500 for men, this is a big leap forward.
Alcohol, nuts, chocolate, smoked salmon, and Turkey dinner became a big carnival in December 25 --fest. Don\'t worry -
You can always use joining the gym as a plan for your new year. Tuck in . . .
Christmas lunch is definitely a marathon.
Source: supplier 8.
Why do we eat turkey for Christmas?
In medieval England, the main course of Christmas was either peacock or wild boar.
By the early 1600 s, Turkey had begun replacing tough meat at the main banquet of the Tudor dynasty held by the rich and powerful.
Surprisingly, the Fat King Henry VIII was the first British king to eat turkey on Christmas Day.
It soon became the first choice for families across the country. 9.
What is the Christmas elf?
Christmas elves
Little Helper for Santa
Often depicted as green or red, with pointed ears and pointed hats.
They were first introduced in 1856 by Luisa May Alcott, author of the American little woman, who completed a book but never published a book entitled, \"Interestingly,oo cute . . .
US President Barack Obama meets with Christmas elves at the White House.
Source: Getty images10.
Is Santa Claus wearing a red suit because of coca? Cola?
This is a common belief, coca.
Coca-Cola\'s marketing machine created the Santa Claus image of a red and white suit. Not so.
Before Coca
Coca-Cola Santa was even created, and San Nick appeared in many illustrations and poems in a scarlet red coat.
However, he is often portrayed as a tall, gaunt, and sometimes even a terrible figure --before Coca-Coke is here.
Soft at 1931
Beverage giant commissioned artist Haddon Sundblom to paint Santa Claus for the company\'s Christmas ads. The result?
This round fat, happy man has the ruddy cheeks, flashing eyes and white beard that we know and love today. Main course . . .
After a year of gobbling King Henry VIII, Turkey became a staple of Christmas. Source:AFP11.
Which author\'s friend gave her a year\'s salary for Christmas?
Harper Lee\'s smart friend gave her cash when she gave up her job and writing.
Lee is known for \"killing a Robin\", an immediate best-seller who won 1961 Pulitzer Prize for fiction and is considered one of the best novels of the 20 th century. 12.
What is the best?
Selling Christmas songs?
It is estimated that the white Christmas of bin Crosby, written by Owen Berlin, is the best --
Sales for a single time, global sales of more than 100 million.
The birth of classics. . Truman Capote (Toby Jones)
And Harper Lee (Sandra Bullock)
In the film \"notorious\"
Source: supply 13.
Why is Rudolf\'s nose red?
Scientists say they finally solved the eternal mystery of Rudolf\'s Nose lighthouse just in time for Christmas.
Researchers now say his hooter beams, because it is rich in red blood cells, can stop it freezing and help deliver gifts to outstanding children around the world. 14.
If the word is original during Christmas?
Christmas logs are usually burned within 12 days of Christmas (
December 25-1 -september 6).
Some scholars believe that the term \"rule\" means \"revolution\" or \"wheel\", symbolizing the periodic return of the sun.
It is said that burning wood or burnt remains can provide health, fertility, luck and the ability to withstand the evil spirits. Solved the mystery. . .
For example, Rudolf\'s red nose is completely tired. . .
Source: supply 15.
What is the color of Christmas?
The three colors of Christmas tradition are green, red and gold.
Green has always been a symbol of life and rebirth;
Red symbolizes the blood of Christ, gold represents the light, and wealth and royalty. 16.
Will I get dumped for Christmas?
According to data from Facebook Post analysis, the first two weeks of Christmas are one of the two most popular times for couples to break up.
However, the last thing I like is Christmas.
Relationship issues. .
Any potential breakthrough
Ups is likely to be delayed until after Christmas.
Source: thinkstock 17.
What is the biggest?
A Christmas movie?
It warms our hearts with its funny humor and makes us laugh.
It launched Macaulay Karkin to the same temperature.
A long time ago, he grew his beard and began to sing songs about pizza.
Yes, Villa alone is the biggest Christmas movie ever, with a global box office of $0. 533 billion.
King Kerry\'s Green entered with 2 points, bringing in $0. 26 billion in income, ranking third in household income alone.
Classic seasonal. .
Macaulay Karkin is at home alone.
Source: supply 18.
Which country is the most expensive tree in the world?
In 2010, the UAE decorated the most expensive Christmas tree at an estimated cost of more than $11 million. 19.
Why should we plant trees?
Evergreen plants are symbols of ancient culture in Egypt and Rome.
It became common to decorate evergreen trees for the Greek nongshen festival, and this trend was incorporated into early Christian life.
The tradition turned into a modern Christmas tree on the 16 th. Century GermanyTrue romance . . . A loved-
A couple kissed under a giant mistletoe parasite in Melb. . .
Source: News Limited 20.
Why kiss under mistletoe?
The myth of kissing under mistletoe dates back to the festival of nongshen.
Others say it is a tradition of Druid, Celtic, and northern Europe.
The Druids believe in the parasitic plants of mistletoe.
It\'s actually a parsite-
Great Power. 21.
How tall are the trees in Rockefeller Center, New York?
The Rockefeller tree this year is 76-foot (23. 2 metres)Norway Spruce.
On December 12, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, turned on the lights, triggering a dazzling 45,000-plus
Color LED lights and a giant Swarovski star. Magical sight . . .
A spectacular Christmas tree in New York rockets. . .
Source: Supplier 2.
How many text messages may we receive at Christmas?
This Christmas, Australian Christmas revelers send an average of 8 text messages to close friends, 4 text messages to big family members, and 3 text messages to big family members.
According to a Telstra survey, there will be record SMS traffic this year, with 0. 136 billion text messages sent between Christmas Eve and Boxing Day this year --
It surged 13 percentage points from last year. 23.
What is the real use of no medicine? Myrrh -
It is said that one of the three gifts given to baby Jesus --
It comes from an old thick young tree on the Arabian Peninsula.
This resin is made of raw or crushed and mixed with oil to make a perfume.
Christmas drinks. . .
Egg wine is made of cream, sugar, fresh eggs and alcohol.
So no, no fattening.
Source: News Limited 24.
What\'s the fuss about egg wine?
Egg wine is a popular drink in the United States and is likely to have originated in the United Kingdom.
It has been said that the term comes from eggs and Groh, a common term for drinks made from rum.
In the end, the term is shortened to egg wine, followed by egg wine.
The drink consists of cream, sugar, fresh eggs, brandy, rum, whiskey, bourbon and vodka.
Although the fat and cholesterol content of egg wine is highfat and no-
Sugar formula using skim or low skim is availablefat milk. 25.
Who wrote the bell?
The best in the world
The famous Christmas song was created by Lord James piyeppoon in a pub in Medford, the birthplace of the 19th-century popular sleigh race.
The final Christmas song was originally written for Thanksgiving in the United States.
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