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the £90 airbag for swimmers that could prevent drowning: inflatable collar activates when it senses an emergency in the water

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-04
A new airbag can save swimmers from drowning
When it feels difficult for the person wearing it, it suddenly expands on the neck.
Ploota is worn like a necklace and detects an emergency like the latest car in head-on collisions.
When its wearer is submerged under water for 30 seconds, it is implemented and filled with its integrated float with an installed carbon dioxide box to bring potential victims back to the water.
This revolutionary device can even be seen as a replacement for bulky armbands, and children who learn to swim must wear armbands in class.
It can also be worn by people who are likely to faint and slip in the bathtub.
Founder Rainer Fakesch came up with the idea after a swimming accident during a family beach holiday.
One of my family underestimated the water flow and almost drowned, he said.
Skiing, driving, mountain biking
In addition to swimming, there are protective equipment for almost every sport.
The 45-year-old Mr. fakshi, who lives in Mannheim, Germany, began working on a prototype in 2015 --
Hope to make the first sensor in the world
Control the underwater airbag for intervention in an emergency.
He added: \"There are already a variety of solutions on the market, but there is no solution that keeps your head above the water --
This is the decisive factor.
\"Ploota is available for pre-
Order 99 euros from its website (£87/$110)
After the success of the crowdfunding campaign
It is especially for children, so parents can relax themselves while watching their loved ones swim.
Drowning is one of the main causes of death among children under the age of 15, and more than 140,000 people die from drowning every year around the world.
Ploota has two sizes for children and adults, and can also purchase additional carbon dioxide boxes.
German Olympic fan almsik won ten medals in four different games, including two silver medals, aged 14. The 39-year-
The old man said: \"People underestimate the danger of swimming.
When an emergency occurs, ploota will step in.
This is a very good idea.
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