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the €190m water charges u-turn

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-21
The u-
Water costs will cost nearly 190 euros a year.
The government has introduced a range of different subsidies for householders and has provided additional funds for Irish Water to reduce bills while allowing utilities to continue to withdraw and pass EU tests.
The first concession was in the spring, when the coalition said it would spend 40 euros to subsidize 100 euros for 400,000 social welfare recipients who have already received family benefits.
By the time the budget was introduced, the figure had increased to 60 euros, as the number of social welfare coverage had increased to 600,000 euros.
In addition, tax breaks for workers were introduced in the budget, and 44 euros were spent.
However, these relief measures have been put on hold in the new water fee package and replaced by a refund of € 100 to everyone registered with Irish Water. Well and septic tank.
Next year, the cost of new water-saving grants has increased to 130 euros.
In order to financially keep Irish water above water, the government has also promised to pay 59 euros in commercial costs owed to local authorities across the country. €189m.
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