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that inflatable chicken that looks like trump can be yours

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-08
The giant inflatable chicken that is surprisingly similar to President Trump can be yours, no matter what you think of the commander-in-chief.
EBay has proved to be selling from $500 to $650.
They are all white with golden mouth, feet, legs, eyebrows and of course Trump\'s signature hair.
Once it expands, the chicken spreads its wings and tips with the right index finger feathers.
Earlier this week, documentary producer Taran Singh Brar protested by supporting a film near the White House.
The inflatable chicken was used in other protests against Trump, including tax Day parades.
According to the New York Times, on December, a similar building was built outside a shopping mall in China before the start of the Chinese lunar year of chicken.
You can also find smaller ceramic versions of chicken on Amazon.
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