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Tent after how to store?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-11
Travel tent is necessary choice, many travelers tent is how to store? Tent is indispensable for outdoor camping tool, it is well known tent fabrics are mainly PU coating and silicon coating, and the vast majority of tents line joints are used for bonding waterproof strip, to achieve the goal of waterproof. If due to the tent use waterproof glue, folding storage can make waterproof strip bending and compression by external force, easy to cause waterproof strip off. Because the volume of the tent is large, usually restricted by conditions, there is no way to suspension of tents. So how tent storage, receiving and what's the precautions in the tent, small make up here to tell you the following considerations: 1, the tent after using besides should wash away dirt and attachments in time, should also be wiped off all fabric on both sides of moisture, and stay dry completely before folding storage. This is very important, if is under the condition of dry storage, it is easy to make the fabric mould and produce the problem such as adhesion. Affect the service life of the tent! After 2, fold the tent in a completely dry storage, do not put the other materials on the tent as far as possible, lest cause bending in the permanent waterproof strip material fatigue and produce degumming phenomenon. I think a lot of friends are not just a tent, such special storage but also to the induction of equipment. 3, regular or irregular dries (take out tents Avoid direct sunlight) Along while, folding storage again after rearranging, the advantage is that can prevent tent fabric mildew and adhesion, can make tent press bending of waterproof strip won't produce permanent fatigue, extending the service life of the whole tent. After 4, tents are cleared, with original receive bag compression storage method is not desirable. Believe that everyone know the read the article. Hope the above content can bring you some help, if you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to us! A: a: on how to choose the construction tent can satisfy his needs? Next up: the next: tents well care, with five years ten years is not a problem
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