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Tell you inflatable pool inflatable toy manufacturer common pneumatic tools

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-27
Inflatable toys a lot of children should be very like! ! ! ! This toy regardless of where they are relatively common, like the balloon is also a kind of inflatable toys, we use some of the grass in the park are inflatable toys, can attract a lot of children, inflatable pool have played with you? Inflatable pool level are low, the children want to play water choose inflatable pool is a good choice, but you know what aeration method? Inflatable toy manufacturer to tell you! Introduce three kinds of pneumatic tools 1, hand pump, hand pump driven by artificial, charging efficiency slow, cheap, suitable for small inflatable products. Not recommended for inflatable swimming pool. 2, electric pump, electric pump driven by electrical power, high volume efficiency, suitable for large inflatable products, general need only 3 - inflatable swimming pool 5 minutes. Method of use: pumps will typically have three suitable for large, medium and small inflatable products specifications of the mouth, according to choose corresponding gas pool body inflatable mouth mouth set into the air port, electric pump heating stop charging wait for cooling is in use, the other pumps can also be used for extraction deflated inflatable products. 3, foot pump, foot pump driven by artificial, charging efficiency, suitable for small and medium-sized inflatable products, ordinary inflatable swimming pool using foot pump need 30 minutes or more time. Method of use: use the foot pump to inflate need firstly, don't too hard and inflatable pop-up will appear in the process of gas mouth phenomenon, needs to be inserted. The three kinds of pneumatic tools, which are frequently used is our general relatively large we are behind the choice of two, a suit of balloons in front of the such small inflatable toys, if you want to buy inflatable pool or all kinds of inflatable toys, all can have a look at our product center, a lot of more phyletic.
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