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Tell about military advantage of the inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-11
Military air curtains in a fire emergency, the fire destroyed ruthless let's hometown, then let's fire officers and soldiers will transfer to lose a family friend to air curtains, to let them can have a place for the time being. Remember 2008 wenchuan earthquake, merciless disaster destroyed people's homes, a lot of people are not living in the local, the inflatable curtains come in handy, agile safe for people to set up a home, the home also won't damage our security again, due to our structure is safe and reliable! Are the requirements for the characteristics of the military air curtains are light weight, assembled a brief, propping up the high speed, rigid safe to continue a long time, water proofing property is good, use comfortable, convenient repair, long service life, special environment habit good. Military air curtains is to choose the principle of structural mechanics planning structure, using the gas pressure characteristics will have gasbag swell composition must be rigid cylinder, through the organic combination of supporting frame of air curtains. Follow choose skeleton material strength intrusive, able to set the curtains bearing range, choose the polymer coating function of good or bad, resolution of structure using life and structural rigidity. And the rationality of the air chamber is set, the resolution to prop up the limit of the whole structure. All kinds of valve ( Charging valve, exhaust valve, high and low pressure valve, safety valve, etc. ) Resolution with inflatable curtains of the performance of all functions, such as the air speed of the fast speed, exhaust, the bondage of inflatable limit, the stand or fall of air tightness, the habit of valve under special environment function, etc. , and all kinds of valve way of raw material selection, structure planning, also caused the development of the exhaust system. Curtains underside, wipe mud, if have available water pollution slightly wipe. Sun curtains, both inside and outside account, wait for the rehabilitation after dry up, such as too late to curtains dry, remember must not far, avoid coloring and mildew, a conditional, immediately exposure as well as hints, after cleaning the curtains, do not put in the hot sun exposure, roll up when folding tent is best to prevent air curtains of a bearing too many fold. See the curtains accessories and shape. Poles of the sediment. Unfavorable clean with washing supplies to avoid waterproof effect. The choice of other, tarpaulins and loose body parts choose the air curtains are on practicability, applicability and value the use of the special environment, etc. Beautiful sex, of course, their products and the implementation of humanized may also affect its products throughout the application field. On a story: a: high quality military tents did you choose the right next article: next up: cold season inflatable tent should be how to use
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