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telcos slash print ads, turn on the telly

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-06
Print media no longer seem to be favored by mobile service providers.
Mumbai: Print media no longer seems to be favored by mobile service providers.
These companies are eager to increase the number of users and keep existing users informed of the frequent changes in tariff plans and various plans, so have been actively advertising on TV and outdoor media, in addition to relying on the promotion of retailers.
This led to a significant reduction in their advertising spending in newspapers and journals.
According to AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, print advertising for mobile service providers has fallen 25% this yearon-
One year between January and 5.
In fact, print advertising has fallen by 12% since last year.
In contrast, between January and June, mobile services were the most advertised category on television. General brand-
The largest share of related advertising (79%)
The second is the advance offer (21%).
Vodafone Essar, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Tata telecom services and Idea Cellular (in that order)
The TV commercial pie has the largest share in the telecom sector.
According to marketers, the preference for TV is mainly due to the \"cost-effectiveness.
Sanjay Bell, head.
Reliance Communications said that brands and marketing \"Mobile phones have become popular with the public and become a vital part of their lives.
You don\'t need to tell the customer what to do with your mobile phone.
Therefore, advertising has witnessed a change, and television has become more costly because of its influence. effective.
India is now the second.
The world\'s largest cable market has about 0. 12 billion TV families.
Officials from Tata Telecom Services, Vodafone Essa and Idea Cellular agreed with Bell.
Leader Abdul Khan
Tata Telecom Services says advertisers tend to shift advertising
Spent on a medium, he can do more with the brand.
\"Television has become the main media.
He can use emotional play to establish a brand.
He can use it outdoors if he wants to tell the customer a plan.
\"Just give the address of the store or retailer and you can direct the customer to start selling,\" he said . \".
But that still doesn\'t explain why the print media is being ignored.
After all, according to Ficci-
PwC reported that print advertising increased by 21% to more than 2006 in the first quarter of last year.
Shashi Sinha, CEO of media planning agency Lodestar Universal, said, \"there is no problem in print media in nature.
In India, nothing beats the emotional relationship between Indian readers and newspapers.
But the launch of several print media titles and their ad rates are out of sync with their coverage, resulting in some advertiser categories, such as telecom, rethinking their print ad spending.
\"Interestingly, the reduction in advertising spending by mobile service providers is mainly limited to subway newspapers.
According to AdEx data
In January, subway newspapers attracted 64% of newspaper advertisements. May.
During the same period, mobile service advertising for regional TV channels accounted for about 30% of the total.
The opposition to the subway newspaper is also the distance people need to travel in these places.
Due to the long commute time, advertisers are able to make better use of outdoor and radio advertising.
According to Vikram Sakhuja, group chief operating officer (South Asia)
Telecom advertising is the third largest category of outdoor advertising, about 18%.
Pradeep Shrivastava, chief marketing officer, The Idea Cellular though feels that print media is still an important media ad.
\"For the launch of Idea Cellular in Mumbai, we have largely used two leading daily newspapers to announce our arrival,\" he said . \".
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