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technology: silicone rats take the pain out of training

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-13
Andy coghlan (see Graphic)
Laboratory rats should avoid some pain and injury caused by clumsy treatment, as novices can practice on artificial rats and then relax on live rats.
The artificial mouse is made of silica gel and has realistic trachea, stomach and stomach. FIG-mg18743701.
The jpgThe Koken company in Tokyo designed the mice so that students could practice common procedures such as feeding animals with a pipettes, injecting veins on their tails, and
Paul Sanders, general manager of B & K Universal, said that they are the same texture as mice, feel the same weight, a company in Hull, and are authorized by coken to sell mice in the UK.
For now, students have to practice on dead mice, Sanders explained.
But they don\'t really fit & colon;
\"They are usually stiff by stiffness, and you do not draw blood properly from your tail.
You can\'t feed them to your throat either, he said, because the throat will close.
Kazuyoshi Maejima, of the School of Medicine at Keio University in Tokyo, led an academic team to jointly develop Koken rat with company researchers.
Maeijima and his colleagues built ana-from a model of a real mouse-
Perfect silicone replica.
Each model has a mouth, annoying, trachea, and gullet to the stomach.
Students can see if their efforts are successful with a transparent silicone \"window\" that exposes the trachea, stomach and stomach.
The most important feature of keken mouse is the mouth.
Students can apply pressure to open it with their index finger and thumb, just as they will coax open the real mouse mouth.
This ensures that the mouth, big mouth, and stomach are arranged vertically, and the administration of drugs using a pipettes is faster and less traumatic for rats.
The tail of the mouse has a central \"turn\" so that students can practice injection and blood drawing.
Like the real mouse, the veins and skin are closed after the injection.
The replica tail is good for thousands of injections before it starts leaking.
But they are removable and can be replaced.
Sanders said that from next April, anyone dealing with experimental animals must attend the training course in advance.
You can\'t practice all types of surgery and injections of Corken rats, he says, but it does give people the chance to get the feeling of living animals.
Later this year, Koken hopes to start experimenting with a man-made rabbit.
Les Ward, an animal advocate in Edinburgh, welcomed the breakthrough, a charity dedicated to more humane research methods.
Only by reducing pain can artificial mice be welcomed, he said.
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