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Take you insight into what is relief tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Here experience, advanced equipment, personnel management system perfect, with perfect service. FengYuShun tent is trusted brand in the industry, so it is not only the national aaa enterprise. Customers bought here all know its complete product type: advertising tents, camping tents, push-pull, advertising tents, awning room sun umbrellas, tents, etc. Today is for everybody to introduce relief tent, now want to also is not difficult to find it, it is to belong to one of the outdoor tent. Relief tent is also known as mobile tents tents, military tents, site, etc. , can be used for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency medical treatment, relief supplies around in storage, etc. Use. Advantages: wind, rain, wind resistance, high temperature resistant, flame retardant, anti fracture prevention. Material: circular tube, camouflage cloth, canvas, Oxford cloth. Disaster relief tents to use safe and reliable, for customers to solve the annoyance in use process! What is this tent in structure? What are on the parts? A, small screen window: this is when considering the use in case of hot air circulation, even in such a design can also be observed in the situation outside. Tent: 12 square metre of relief tents, for it is by the long pin tube, short pipe, tee joint, joint cross four fork, eight fork joint, left Angle of fork, fork right corner. The number of different components use is also different, in terms of long tube with pin number is 12, short tube with six. Three, the bottom of the tent: consists of 4 pin tube long, six short pipe, tee joint, on the basis of the need to increase 4 90 degrees fork connector is ok. Thus constitute the original relief tents, army tents as standard relief tents, guaranteeing quality, safe and reliable to use. Viewed from the outside, the color of tent is usually army green or dark blue; The other customers have any special requirements on production ( In print, and cotton) , also can satisfy you. A: a: on choice of disaster relief tents, what are the skills? Next up: the next: inflatable tent structures, what need to be aware of?
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