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Take their children to climb the mountain the sun shines at weekends inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-25
Weekend or several drove to the countryside for a casually, or go to the park and play that a few number of entertainment projects, and mountain climbing, pick up the leaves, anyway, let the children out for a walk, breathing the fresh air (at least Compared with big city haze, inflatable castle here even if in the county that is a natural oxygen bar) Activities, but also in the sun activity, filling calcium, think of really good. Here is a photo of the two mountain climbing, every time repeatedly exclamation: hey, Eva and big ah. I wish time slowly slowly again, let their innocent and lovely long again for a long time. 。 。 Small or New Year's day when his hair on the scalp is cut off a piece, to now have not long enough to firm up, a bit not note will become like a little mad that cosette treasure or 1 months ago on my birthday, a previously saw cosette treasure for the sports meeting, and then in the collective games to go mountain climbing is confusion, no photos, and then the adults get something to eat, children play the ground first found a motionless moths, the children took a good half-day three fairy girl a photo, found that language treasure S small was worse than to jump a long overdue, poor little white. 。 。 。 Small: up and down, you run, and play with me! ! Jump: well, let go, I am a boy, wouldn't be caught dead goblin photos with you Chou: brother, I top you! ! Finally caught to panorama, now will take a photo so full of the camera that's wife is not easy! ! Jumping you are playing gold then what? Inflatable castle park will also have to think mothers in accompany will dare to walk gently, now one by one like little mad jumping inside, time ah. 。 。 。 A start feel quickly spread the merry-go-round of well, finally into the theme: began to climb the mountain after ather 11 months of age with the Angle of the photos, one mother holding will dare to even walk this steep steep steps of the middle of the statue is marshal he long, here are the first place of the first open He Shuai, inflatable castles and so the total is called he long second home now laughing all the way rushed forward Mafia eight hundredth congress er, round table this meeting discipline as the general ah, cosette treasure to come back, what are you doing to go to! ! Small weeks ah, this is what organizations don't want to move back ah, besides, also can't carry go, don't bother the forest path, photos can smell the taste of the fresh air to the top finally, actually the picture right this is the top of the steps at the tomb of the three, we are quite afraid to come here when I was a child now seems to have no feeling, only feel climb to come up with this one here can bask in the sun and nobody noisy XiaoBaZi let her play two chicks in the performance of the kindergarten learn good quantifier song two young man stealing the show so quietly looked at their playfulness, feeling really good few mother from breastfeeding has been said to drink a meal & other; Weaning wine & throughout; , but failed to make into old some of the 7788 reasons, until last weekend, arrange all the father with the children, seven from noon mother together, have been drinking chat, until late into the night 12 o 'clock, just one by one with a slightly drunk to go home. 。 Although chat all day, can go one by one is wanting more. Really want to special thanks to the baby, because they, we met a group of special so talk to mama honey, have you, really feel special happiness ( Took mama honey? , turn head to also show a few) Let fathers to have a rest on Sunday, mother with babies to climb a mountain, the sun, the fallen leaves, the United States a person picked up a big leaves, but in the end all didn't take home. 。 Watermelon to jump you two see what see so ecstasy? That sat up and will spread the merry-go-round of bad, can only sit voice is bigger than its real train the little train is finally over these really don't want to play with her curiosity of parks and recreation projects, really want to take her to a big park, play well come on, or on the road to run it mountain climbing is a ring, can be directly from the front image climbed up on the stairs, and can also went up from the scenic mountain roads, anyway, regardless of the line, and finally are on the top leaves on the ground, but late a week or two, all withered up, if I can how eautiful yellow leaves on the ground are two miss more than 10 days, qi are much higher than the small yo today, she generally does not match photos, so the mother always took his joy in small took cosette treasure together run their children to play on their own game, the mother is on the side chat, I was curious, we are a couple of work space on the QQ chat, to go for a walk in the evening to chat, weekend go out to play or chat, how come so many words to talk? 。 。 。 Play for a while, everyone is tired, down the stairs down the hill in the afternoon, I went home and dad hanging double tenth adding a back wall of pictures, and mother to work overtime. And si qi mother put three baby back to his home, to open a kindergarten in the afternoon, it is said that a harmonious, have baby is ok
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