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takata airbag recall: complete list of affected cars and why you shouldn’t ignore the warnings

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-11
Although there are still more than 1 million potentially fatal airbags on Australian roads, some car owners refuse to bring their cars in to replace the airbags for free.
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Source: The video is chilling.
A man in his 20 s looked down at the barrel of the camera and said calmly: \"I lost my eyes due to a defect in the airbag.
Drive your car in today so you don\'t have this situation.
\"This video from the United States is just an example of a growing number of desperate measures by automakers to get drivers to drive cars with defective Takada airbags.
A Takata airbag victim in the United States warned others of danger so that they would not lose one eye.
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Source: after the Australian Competition and Consumer Council launched its first-ever mandatory recall in February, Australia\'s auto industry is about to step up publicity.
So far, too many people have heard the voices calling for action.
Most people don\'t think it will happen to them.
They were totally wrong.
Depending on the type of airbag, when shrapnel is deployed in a collision, they have a chance of 1: 50 or a chance of 50: 50.
To date, 23 people have been killed and more than 200 seriously injured worldwide;
One person has been confirmed dead and one seriously injured in Australia, but there may be more.
More than 100 million vehicles were affected worldwide, of which more than 3 million were affected in Australia. So far about 1.
6 million have been repaired locally.
The recall involved 24 brands from Ford to Ferrari, although Honda and Toyota had the largest number of airbags affected, more than 1 million of them.
More needs to be added.
In some cases, changing parts will wait to make some drivers feel anxious.
Then, in some cases, the parts are in stock but the customer can\'t find them and doesn\'t want to bring the car in or ignore multiple recall notifications.
Airbags may look like pillows in advertising, but they are explosive devices.
The Takata airbag for material degradation may explode and the pressure is too great to spray shrapnel from the wheel hub when it disintegrates.
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Source: Carsales, a classified advertising website for cars. com.
Au has crossed.
Check the vehicle identification number (VINs)
On the recall list for private seller ads.
When they get a match, the seller is notified immediately.
\"We have about 65,000 private used cars available at any time.
\"We know a lot of people don\'t know that their cars are affected and the industry is trying to find certain cars,\" Carsales said . \". com.
Agosino Giramondo, director of strategy, Au.
\"We got a lot of good feedback.
Most people don\'t know that their cars are affected.
\"This is a matter of life and death in some cases.
Last April, a 21-year-
An old woman in the northern region was seriously injured when a Toyota RAV4 airbag burst in a car accident. In July, a 58-year-
Sydney\'s old man died in a \"minor car accident\" when he was hit by a metal shrapnel from Honda CR-\"probably from the airbag inflator casing\"V.
The owners of the two vehicles have been contacted many times to replace their airbags.
A technician removes part of the dashboard in order to get into the passenger airbag at Honda.
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Source: There have been other incidents since no one was killed or injured.
At 2016, two passenger airbag inflators burst after they were removed from BMW.
Last year, during the test, three airbag inflators recovered from local cars broke, while a passenger airbag broke when a car recycler removed Honda Civic.
ACCC imposed severe penalties for a fine of up to $1.
As of December 31, 2020, 1 million per crime for brands that did not reach a 100 completion rate.
There are exemptions for cars that have been removed, although manufacturers are also working to recycle these airbags in case they are eventually used as spare parts.
Some cars need to come back for a second airbag replacement as the manufacturer is installing the new airbag with the same explosive material until there is a new inventory.
Although not ideal, since the airbag takes several years to be damaged, stopping the clearance measures is considered safe.
From the end of this year, the new
Car dealers are prohibited from selling vehicles without replacing Takata airbags.
Before that, they have to make the customer aware of the defect and put a warning label on the windshield.
The same ban applies to used car lots of new car dealers.
However, the requirements for independent second-hand dealers (
Accounting for more than two people-
The big three in the market)
Not so strict.
Used new state wholesaler
Car dealers who require anonymity believe that the ACCC ban is not enforceable for independent second-hand carscar operators.
\"I have not received any notification from ACCC,\" 30-
Years of experience in trade.
\"I am responsible for the fair deal, and as far as I am concerned, I am allowed to sell these cars to the public or to other dealers.
\"Of course, I will try to fix them if I know they have Takata airbags.
But ACCC can\'t stop me from selling these cars or trading with other dealers.
\"How do I know these cars are banned from selling?
I don\'t think most used car dealers know.
There is no formal notice or announcement of any kind.
A Honda owner brought her car in for repair while parking twice.
The technicians made a one-day visit to the island of zhousi on 2017.
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Source: The Japanese government is about to take the toughest measures to date.
From next month, it will \"reject\" the renewal of vehicle registration with faulty airbags.
Australia has not followed suit because vehicle registration is the responsibility of states and territories.
Federal Assistant Minister Michael Sukkar, who announced the mandatory recall, has written to state and district ministers outlining \"some strategies (they)
Hope to consider supporting the recall \".
One of the proposals is to \"prevent vehicle registration or ownership transfer without replacement of faulty airbags \".
If the parts are delayed, then the car will be exempt from a registration or sales ban.
To date, no state or region has accepted the offer.
Sources say they are afraid of a rebound in voters.
There are no restrictions on private sellers of used cars, except for the requirement to inform buyers that airbags still need to be replaced and their address obtained.
However, these requirements are buried in a 71-
Page document, not public knowledge.
Cars with faulty airbags may be bought and sold without both sides knowing the danger.
Manufacturers are giving priority to older cars using volatile airbags.
In theory, newer cars are less vulnerable to attack.
At the same time, whether you buy a car or sell a car, doing a quick check online can save your life, or the lives of others.
Not all airbags are equal.
Some have a 50: 50 chance to spray shrapnel while others have a 1% chance.
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Source: serious fatal problem
Known as the alpha airbag is the most dangerous to be recalled.
Experts say 50-
If unfolded, the airbag has 50 chances of disintegration.
In contrast, in the crash of 1, the possibility of incorrect deployment is 1.
4 million other types of Takata airbags are still waiting for replacement.
In the US, buyers are advised to stop driving cars if they have alpha airbags.
There are still 24,364 Alpha airbags waiting to be replaced on the road in Australia.
The recall involved five manufacturers.
They are: BMW3 series (2001-2003)
Honda Accord, CR-
V, Civic, Accord European jazz and MDX (2001-2003)Jazz (2004)
MazdaMazda6 and receive,8 (2002-2003)
Navala, Navala, X-Trail, Maxima (2000-2004)
Toyota Corolla, avince Viso (2000-2004)Echo, RAV4 (2002-2003)
Some automakers are carrying out special tasks to remote areas such as the island of Thursday to locate and repair faulty airbags.
Picture: supply.
Source: suppliers don\'t get angry: some car brands go out of their way to find affected vehicles and hire private investigators to come to the door to investigate
Knock, even cross
Check the registration of toll road operators to determine if the car is still in use.
On last November, Honda sent two technicians to repair 15 cars on the island of four in the Torres Strait.
Since then, there have been similar missions to repair several cars on the island of norfolk, Mount Isa and other remote towns in Australia.
Takata airbag numbers: more than 100 million vehicles worldwide.
There are more than 3 million cars in Australia, one for every seven. More than 1.
So far, 6 million cars have been repaired. More than 1.
The 4 million vehicles performed well and there was more to follow.
24: So far, the number of brands caught up in the recall.
How they tracked it: Audi40, 106 cars affected 0% fixed, about to start recalling cars0 Alpha airbagsBMW136, 437 cars affected 44% fixed, about to add another 100,000 cars3483 Alpha airbags, 77 percentage points fixed, so the farCitroen3292 car was affected
Jeep43, 649 affected cars2004-2010)
Unknown private import affectedunknow exclusive import fixed0 Alpha airbagsFord109, 159 affected1 fixed to date, however, during this period of time when the recall of caralpha Alpha airbagsferrden is about to begin, 1306 cars have been sold locally (
Including Opel and Saab)
333,011 affected cars are 0% fixed and will soon begin to recall cars0 Alpha airbagsHonda436 and 921 affected vehicles (
There are 661,102 inflators)
503 fixed airbags for cars, fixed airbags for cars
Land Rover 17, 454 cars that affect 0% fixed, is about to begin recalling caralpha Alpha airbagsMazda292, 182 cars that affect 86% fixed
A list was printed on some News Corp\'s car lifts
As part of the Takata airbag recall, outs incorrectly included the Mazda3.
To date, none of the Mazda3 vehicles have been part of the Takata airbag recall. )Mercedes-
As at present Benz85 000 a cars and trucks affected 0% fixed is about to begin recall cars0 Alpha airbagsMitsubishi235 151 A affected 61% fixed the car 700 a car influence the fixed safety air bag, 100 vehicles affected the stationary airbag, 666 vehicles affected the stationary airbag, and the vehicle affected the stationary airbag, which is about to begin a recall of the caralpha Alpha airbagsSubaru279, 931 affected cars are 55% fixed, so 0% fixed for faralpha airbagsTesla1265 affected cars
So far, Lexus580, 492 cars have been fixed by 959, and more are 353 Alpha airbags, 76 fixed airbags are about to begin recalling the cars0 Alpha airbagsfeatures compiled by the Australian news group as of April 26, 2018.
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