Swimming circle and the difference between the life buoy

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-26
Many consumers think swimming laps is a life buoy, actually this kind of concept is wrong. Swimming laps and life buoy is there are some obvious differences. Swimming circle using inflatable toys, cannot because and life buoy, swim ring can be compared to a life buoy. So in the use of swim ring, especially for children to use when should pay attention to the details. Don't swim ring is used as a life buoy. And life buoy the body core material using polystyrene material, coated glass fiber cloth, coated with three layers of phenolic resin, then package canvas and besmear brushs paint layers. For only for inland waters of life buoy, the overall quality is not less than 1. 5 kg, the purpose is to enhance the strength of the life circle body, and when the rescue drowning out accurate, is not affected by the wind and waves. Compared with the real life buoy, such toys swim ring is too light in weight, it is difficult to accurately throw; Gas leakage are easily damaged, compressive ability is very poor, easy to burst; Plastic surface of the water wet, difficult to grasp. Swimming circle and life buoy execution of the national standard is different, life buoy is life-saving role, it has a lot of auxiliary functions; While swimming circle is defined as water toys, execute only toy standards. , experts say, swim ring can only play a certain auxiliary leisure or on the water protection, but if taken to the sea, is dangerous. So in the pool or simply place water games can choose to use inflatable toy type of swim ring. When need to go to the beach to play, don't recommend carrying swim ring. Best carry a life buoy. Playing with water activities also remember the moment when pay attention to the children. Don't go too deep. Inflatable toy manufacturers selling high-quality inflatable toys, inflatable pool. Welcome to inquire.
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