suspected killer arrested in san antonio in death of 27-year-old found at cibolo business

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-26
The Lone Star Fugitive Task Force has arrested a 27-year-
On Tuesday, a man suspected of involvement in the death of a man at Cibolo was charged with murder, according to police.
At about 10, Ishmael Jabari Debrow was detained. m.
According to online records and previous reports, he was taken to the Bexar County Prison on Tuesday, issuing a murder case against the death of Rand Cameron vanvette of Lockhart.
On Monday, Vanwert was found dead in an inflatable toy business jumping for joy on 400 block of FM 78 East.
He worked in the company and was discovered by his colleagues.
Initial reports said he died from \"Unnatural Causes \".
Cibolo Police Station said: \"Debrow is currently waiting to be transferred to the Guadalupe County prison where he will be charged with murder.
Friends and colleagues expressed great sadness at the news of Vanwert\'s death, and they shared posts commemorating him on social media.
Debrow and Vanwert were friends on Facebook on Wednesday, and several people shared their distrust and anger as Debrow\'s connection to the killings was made public.
Details about Vanwert\'s death were not immediately announced.
Vanwert is the last time the owner of the business heard about 5 p. m.
Police said on Sunday, when he asked for permission to use the company\'s vehicles.
Debrow has a criminal history, including refusal to arrest, personal injury, driving without a license, etc.
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