survival of the fittest race: swim cancelled due to bacteria levels

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-14
At a venue where dozens of people are sick and have diarrhea, the swimming part of a limit obstacle race has been canceled.
Organizers of the Nottingham National Aquatic Center survival competition for the fittest said the water test results \"exceeded the safety level \".
This is the first race since a similar one, with competitors claiming that \"poor water quality\" has made them sick.
A spokesman said a large number of bacteria were found in the water.
For more information on this story and other news, in the rat race director NordGen May, who organized the Men\'s Health Survival of the fittest, the center regularly tests the water quality, A decision was made on the basis of the proposal.
He added that it is the responsibility of his organization to protect the safety of contestants before the event.
No type of bacteria has been identified.
Brian Taylor, chairman of the trust fund that manages the center, said the indicators show that the water quality level is at the high end of the \"normal parameters.
Organizers chose to change barriers as \"preventive measures\", he said \".
A letter to the participants said: \"For your safety, difficult decisions must be made to remove the water barrier content of the National Aquatic Center.
\"In 8 years of operation, this is the first time that water content must be removed.
\"About 2,000 participants will run, jump, crawl and climb in the course.
Airbag jumps that will replace swimming include runners \"falling themselves from the top of the truck to a professional stunt airbag \".
On July, the British public health survey found that some contestants were in X-
The runner mud run event is likely due to exposure to water during the race.
Lurking in the water. .
The NHS says the \"main culprit\" of diarrhea and vomiting after swimming in contaminated waters is bacterial E.
Cryptospores and parasites
They can be spread by swallowing water in lakes, streams and rivers that contain sewage or any animal or bird manure.
The suggestion to avoid the risk of belly bugs is that even if it looks clear, don\'t drink water from the stream, because cattle or sheep may be small in the stream.
After crossing water in a river or stream, you must wash your hands and people should avoid swallowing water when swimming.
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