sunshine coast: first-time family holiday, with crocodiles and koalas

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Easier before holidays
Kids, but Jared Savage found the Sunshine Coast a great way to recharge my wife and I on our last trip.
Double income without children
Camel rides in the Middle East.
Skiing in Poland.
Cruise the Mediterranean.
Sail in the clear waters of Croatia.
When my wife and I ended our OE in England and drifted to Eastern Europe for weeks in a row, I had many glorious, carefree days.
That was five years ago.
This may have been a lifetime ago.
Back home in Auckland, we began to focus on our career.
Bought a bigger house.
Bigger mortgageHad a baby.
Then, second place was still continuing our work, fleeing the Oakland mouse --
Fight for Tauranga
Memories of Barcelona\'s brunch or hiking village five soon disappeared.
When we dream of traveling abroad again, traveling to the dairy farm with young children will soon become a nightmare.
However, life has become easier this year;
The most important thing is that our youngest child has finally slept all night.
My wife went back to work, got more cash,
Her long-awaited trip to Australia to visit her sister no longer seemed out of reach.
And, if we remain open and transparent, our environmental changes coincide with a more attractive destination. My in-
Law and their children in Alice Springs
Uluru, is there anyone? -
But this year, I left home to the Sunshine Coast.
Catching up with cuzzies is now just a cheap direct 3-hour flight to marooochydoore, not half of the world\'s smallest continent.
In another dull Kiwi winter, sunshine and surfing?
We came to Sunshine Coast!
We are no longer dinner, of course.
To ensure military accuracy, we checked in at Auckland International Airport by seven o\'clock A. M.
The plan is to set an alarm clock for 3 people.
Bring the kids from the comfortable bed to the car at 30 in the morningseats.
The SUV is full and they will fall asleep within 5 minutes of leaving home.
On Interstate 2, they have little or no traffic, and they wake up for breakfast in time in the departure lounge. Simple.
This is the plan anyway.
As a matter of fact, we pulled out of the driveway when Mr. 4 was pouring around.
MS 1 join in and don\'t want to miss anything.
Some may argue that it is better to clean up the mess in Tauranga\'s home than on the road. Which is true;
Apart from the two children, they doubled on both sides of the kalangarak Canyon.
We\'re not even halfway to Auckland, and the precise military plan is out of scope (
If everything else is available).
The terrible thing is that we haven\'t even passed the check yet
Not to mention the plane, we slowly understood the children of the two swindlers.
Do we need to cancel in order to avoid other passengers getting infected?
What is the agreement in this case?
At dawn, when the sun rises, we head into Auckland International Airport, and everyone\'s spirit rises.
The joy on the child\'s face when he experiences something for the first time is wonderful.
A few weeks, maybe a few months, Mr. 4 insisted on preparing for our holiday at the airport while checking --
It is an ordinary task for adults, and Mr. 4 is living and breathing his favorite books.
His excitement is a timely reminder that there will be a lot of \"first time\" this holiday season \".
Don\'t sweat for small things, but enjoy these small moments.
Thankfully, the breakfast at the airport was in the absence of the children to bring back, or during the flight.
Still, I can feel my blood pressure back to normal when we drop to marooochydore.
Temperature of tropical trees, blue sky and Central
People in their 20 s waved behind the tarmac. We made it.
Sunshine Coast is a series of coastal settlements in southern Queensland, about an hour\'s drive from Brisbane, stretching about 65 km kilometers of beaches and headlands.
In some ways, the locals call it the Sunshine Coast, just like our home in Fufa Bay.
Traditionally, a warm climate attracts retirees.
Including New Zealanders flying in the winter
Now, young families flock there in droves.
There are more jobs and more houses as employment grows.
Hundreds of families
And new schools and new hospitals.
Construction in new market segments.
New. In fact, we can\'t find my sister. in-
The legal home on Google Maps;
There are no streets in cyberspace.
Nothing is better than arguing about the direction of driving, so arriving at the destination 12 hours after a quick hug with Cousins is a relief.
We live near Caloundra, about 25 minutes south of the airport, which is one of the many coastal settlements spread along the coast.
This is a perfect place for a young family to take a vacation.
The child is tired and grumpy (
Even Mom and Dad)
I don\'t always want to be tied to the car, so for a few days we just walk to explore our new neighbors.
Caloundra is a promontory with different beaches in every corner and lots of playgrounds (
Always covered with Shadows)
Vibrant cafe culture.
Everything is connected by the boardwalk, where the sea has never disappeared.
Everything is within walking distance.
Or scooter distance for Mr 4
This means that we enjoy everything that kaladera has to offer, but we will still be back at the resort in time for the little guy to sleep.
We stayed at Oasis Oaks resort.
Definitely a shelter for young families.
Water Park-
A shallow pool with a waterslide playground in the middle
It is a blow to both children and parents.
When we cool our heels with a drink in our hands, they splash around. With an 18-
The mini golf course in Oaks Oasis, huge jump pillows, trampoline and tennis courts are the epitome of \"family friendly.
Charging the battery a few days later is the time to go further than where our feet can speak.
Noosa, Mallorca and morolaba offer more than just white sand beaches and sea views.
While lying on the beach has a smug satisfaction, the temperature in New Zealand will not reach these heights in three or four months.
There are a lot of food and dining here, as well as shopping for you to enjoy.
The marine life of mooolaba is the Sunshine Coast\'s answer to Kelly Tarton, an underwater aquarium that is well worth a visit, especially if the weather becomes abnormal
In particular, on-site seal display-
Scheduled throughout the day-
Your visit time is worth a visit.
For those who are tired of the Sun, the sand and surfing, or just want to change the scene, go inland, go to the rainforest in the interior, and be punctured by the famous Glass House Mountains. But for animal-
Obsessed children, or parents who live indirectly through them, are not complete with a trip to the Sunshine Coast without visiting the Australian zoo.
Perhaps more famous is the life work of zoo Steve \"Crocodile Hunter\" Owen --
Colorful Lineup of creatures
This is his first appearance on television this year since his early death in 2006.
When his children Bindy and Bob grew up and his boots became the faces of the Australian zoo, Steve Owen\'s personality --
Passion for protection
Everything they do is still at the core.
All the Australian creatures you can think
The whole crew of Wombat Stew-
And the impressive African wildlife park.
But, Chris, the real star is the crocodile.
Crocoseum has a daily show (
Crocodile Stadium (geddit)
There, thousands of visitors can watch the coach interact with dangerous reptiles.
In their natural habitat, crocodiles use muddy water to disguise their prey.
Steve Owen\'s dream is to help educate the public, and Crocoseum uses a channel and gate system, so the water in the pond is clear.
This allows visitors to see how crocodiles move and behave in the wild, and it is incredible to see giant crocodiles swimming without ripples in the water;
Invisible on the quiet Billboard.
The climax of the show is when a crocodile jumps out of the water vertically, using its tail as a spring, catching a chicken that shakes in the hands of a nervous coach. It\'s awesome.
\"What do you think of that partner?
\"I sat on my lap and asked Mr. 4. He was asleep.
Do not work with animals or children.
Arrival destination: Qantas flies from Auckland to Brisbane every day.
Kaladera Oaks Oasis Hotel is a family hotel with excellent reputation.
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