Summer inflatable water park popular safety hidden trouble to the parents

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
Summer, in summer, the hot weather, parents will choose to take their children to large amusement park water project, but due to the higher ticket prices, many parents will settle for second best choice simple inflatable water park to play. Reporters visited the lake is located in the wind park found several inflatable water park in our city, such as inflatable water park is the biggest advantage of low cost, convenient operation, they belong to mobility, summer can inflate their doors, can leak fold easily save after summer. Although cheap, but the inflatable water park are all parents should be aware of potential safety concerns. A water park is a large inflatable toys, so when playing in the pool must be careful not to cut it with the sharp objects. Second, although is children play project, but the reporter sees, water park, slides are very high, the impact is very big, sliding down from the top parents must make efforts to escort. And some support the water in the pool is deep, suggest wearing swimming laps when children play, avoid the happening of the accident. Three is to pay attention to health, when parents choose water park, be sure to check the equipment and the water is clean, play to avoid high temperature period at noon, prevent children suffer heatstroke. In addition, the operating units to strengthen the operation management, set up safety management responsibility system, preparation of emergency plans, and make the corresponding protective measures. Relevant departments for inflatable water park project audit strictly, and strengthen the daily supervision and standardize operation, ensure the safety of the entertainment tourists.
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