Strive for perfection of military inflatable tent is how to install

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-12
Military air curtains how device, don't know no relationship, to follow the following process before take the curtains, it is necessary to carefully survey topography, camp above don't have the Rolling Stones, ourselves and the weathering of rocks; Dry season don't near by the river and the dry bed of curtains. The curtains, for lightning protection, can not be built on top of the mountain or in the open fields; In the mud or sand, can dig drainage around the curtains, to ensure that the awning mainland boring. If you need the food inside the curtains, must let the flame cut off away from the tent or use fire prevention board, meals not people from curtains, usually prepared to revive plans, and exhaust fan device eliminate lampblack; Predict the local wind beyond 8 or more, please cancel the curtains early. How, learned? A: a: want to know how to distinguish between tents inflatable tent and construction is the next article: next up: don't think know inflatable tent kits
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