Stories also don't forget to give daughter play inflatable trampoline

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
Tell daughter 'relay', when it comes to the yi Ma Sinian loulan the land, the dream daughter suddenly add annotations, solemnly said: is a slide or that kind of fun. Er & hellip; … I a second petrochemical, imagine what horses slide is a scene, almost blurt out & other; The horse will not slide & throughout; , but looked at her so eager to get affirmation of look in the eyes, to suppress the rational impulse, on second thought, to get up so seriously still can't talk! Present for her dream is the playground, the horse on the grassland freely roam with her in the air the blind jumping on the trampoline is not common, so her explanation form don't like, but also to have something, so I can only nodded solemnly, resolutely sure: uh, yeah, is that kind of place.
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