Storage of relief tents which attention to details

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Disaster relief tents mainly at present, the good performance of the victims in the earthquake relief work in temporary housing, people in daily life is dependent on the disaster relief tents, so its in the earthquake relief work play a vital role. In addition, the disaster relief tents can meet the requirements of high resistance to climate, its protective functions also have a certain environment and the human body. Disaster relief tents are in the process of storage, however, should pay attention to what details? First, pay attention to the tent of cleaning the user in a timely manner for disaster relief tents in addition to clean off the dust and attachments, users should be also both sides of the fabric moisture dry and stay dry completely before folding storage. It is worth noting that, such as disaster relief tents in not completely dry, the deposit would be easy to make the product surface material mould then produce the problem such as adhesion, which affects the service life of relief tents. Second: avoid items put price moderate pressure relief tents in completely dry after folding storage do not put the other materials on the tent as far as possible, so that avoid bending place boast skillful waterproof strip material fatigue and produce degumming phenomenon. In addition, users in the process of storing relief tents, as far as possible in the location at the bottom of the lower pad into the soft material and dampproof mat, to avoid the disaster relief tents mildew occurred during rainy or fog weather, and so on and so forth. Third: pay attention to the tent of the air to the user should pay attention to regularly or irregularly to tent out to dry, then fold after rearranging storage, drying can prevent mildew and adhesion in tent fabric. And drying method can also put the disaster relief tents bending of waterproof strip will not produce lasting fatigue, that is able to lengthen the service life of the whole tent. In addition, the user is in the process of deposit guaranteed disaster relief tents to stay away from acid and alkali corrosion, in order to avoid corrosion phenomenon. To sum up, the user in disaster relief tents are kept process should pay attention to pay attention to the tent of cleaning process, avoid items put pressure and irregular air basks in tents, but relief tents in the drying process to avoid direct sunlight and exposure. Small make up is simple to be here to introduce. Hope that through this article, to be able to help you. A: a: on the choose and buy of relief tents in mind the next time, next up: you don't know the trivia of inflatable tent
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