stop scaring baltics with russian tanks, deputy defense minister tells journalists

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-10
\"We should stop the spread of these horror stories that claim that Russia intends to send tanks to the Baltic states, Sofia or Budapest.
No one has the intention to do so.
There is no such plan.
Russia does not want war.
In an interview with The Voice of Germany, Antonov said: \"Any statement that Russia intends to launch a war is ridiculous . \".
\"In the Baltic states, it\'s a very old trick to shout \'Russians are coming!
Save yourself when you can!
The Russian official pointed out: \"Its working principle proves its effectiveness in obtaining more defense spending for the government and financial assistance from countries such as Germany, France or Italy.
Read more: there is no basis for NATO to \"flatly reject\", which threatens Russia\'s potential aggression against its Eastern European neighbors and other countries.
Russian officials rejected such alarmist reports and tried to hide the real problem behind the fictional story.
Antonov\'s latest comments came shortly after the Estonian Department of Public Information released a report that said Russia was the only external force that could threaten the constitutional order of Estonia.
Earlier this month, US Defense Secretary Carter listed Russia as one of the major threats to US security.
In the context of reports and analysis highlighting the so-called Russian threat, the US military itself has prepared plans to deploy more troops and weapons in Europe.
According to the Military Times, the United States will soon be able to station \"one or more\" of its army brigade battle teams in the area.
If approved, the new deployment will involve thousands of US troops.
An ordinary US brigade combat team (BCT)
It consists of 3,000 to 5,000 personnel.
S. Troops had four brigades in Europe until 2012 when the United States decided to close two of them.
Recently, the US military returned more than 200 vehicles, but they were placed in warehouses and were not part of the permanent combat force.
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In his explanation, Russian officials also pointed out that the allegations of the Russian radical plan must be related to ongoing US military budget discussions.
Major General konkonashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, said on February: \"The reason is simple-Congress discussed the military budget for next year . \".
\"People need to remember that the Russian threat is the best --
\"Selling the Pentagon has threatened not only Congress but NATO partners since the middle of last century,\" he said . \".
\"What will they do without us,\" he added . \".
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