star wars election sign, \'elect yoda,\' goes missing

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-10
Either someone was hired by the Sith lord or there was a riot in the troops on Friday night as the only sign of Halifax\'s campaign for Yoda\'s election was missing.
In early September, Halifax actor Jeremy Webb created a logo for $60 to encourage people to vote in the upcoming federal elections.
He nailed the sign to a tree near his house.
\"I came back from the Neptune theater show around midnight last night, it was in the early morning [it was stolen],\" he said.
Webb said the neighbor saw nothing and noticed that it was missing at 7 in the morning. m. Saturday.
Even though he spent his own money running
Widely shared on social media and Buzzfeed
He won\'t contact the police.
\"I won\'t bother the police with this because I think they either laugh at me or arrest me,\" Webb joked . \".
Webb said he was wondering if the registration would show up if Facebook mistakenly posted its photos to their own Twitter and Facebook.
But he didn\'t have any new hopes.
\"All I hope is that some young people have taken it as a reminder that in the election, in a few weeks, when they wake up and find the logo of Yoda sitting on the wall of the bedroom, they have the biggest tips.
So, if it lets one vote, then the $60 printed out is worth it.
\"The voting campaign may be limited to a single flag, but it exists on the Facebook page created by Weber.
The idea of future lawn decoration is being considered.
\"I was thinking, maybe I should change an inflatable Yoda on my front lawn and hold a sign that says \'you have to vote, \'so, we\'ll see.
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