Spring is coming, the inflatable trampoline will celebrate her spring

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-14
Soon the Spring Festival, also herald the arrival of spring, inflatable trampoline will celebrate her spring, all things recovery when parents like to take their own children to go for an outing, go to play, close to nature, inflatable trampoline is undoubtedly a good toy. The chang summarizes several children liked, but prices are easily accepted by people. Inflatable trampoline, inflatable trampoline was among them. Among them, the children's large inflatable trampoline, inflatable jumping bed due to the strong playability safer, more suitable for ages etc, a thriving business. Individual business children's inflatable trampoline merchants, in the surrounding but also put a small children's toy sales, especially all kinds of vivid animal modelling inflatable toys, attracted many children, also be the highlight of the individual to become rich. According to some businesses, in recent days as the temperature drops, visited the children more than double than usual. It is understood that the general large children's inflatable toy prices at the county level cities average per person is around 5 yuan, prefecture-level in 10 yuan, big cities may be slightly more expensive. Selling inflatable toy price is differ, much smaller in 5 yuan to 10 yuan between, a little older animal modelling are sold to 28 yuan, and a vertical inflatable pool, children's beach pool allows adults and children at home to enjoy the fun of the bath and play a slightly higher price, each only 350 yuan. However, the businessman promised: add a certain amount of money, can give manual pump and balls.
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