Powerful Toys is your best partner whether you are looking towards replacing your foam pit in your trampoline park or gymnastics facility with an airbag,

or you are aiming to do record-breaking stunts into a big freestyle airbag.


Stunt Airbag, ideal for high rope courses and outdoor adventure facilities.


Do you want to get more excitement in your high rope course, or do you have an existing platform or extra space? Looking for a brand new area to add to your adventure park to help you create more income and diversify your portfolio of activities? Stunt Airbag is a good choice!

Foam Pit Airbag

The Foam Pit Airbag has become the popular trend to replace foam cubes.

Powerful Toys Foam Pit Airbag is designed to replace loose foam pits and provide safe, flexible and hygienic solutions to prevent the potential risk of using flame retardants in foam cubes.

BMX Airbag

Due to its sturdy and lightweight construction, the BMX Airbag has become the most popular airbag in ski resorts, skate parks and bicycle parks.



Air Track

The Air Track for training!


This Air Track works perfectly for all floor exercises and tumbling passes. From gymnastics to parkour, from kung-fu class to physiotherapy, it is a great basis for a wide variety of sports and training methods.

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