soho house\'s new decor line encourages you to bring the house home

by:Powerful Toys     2019-10-16
With the launch of Soho Home, the member club Soho House is entering the field of interior design. The London-
The headquarters brand has so many visitors and guests around the world asking about its decorative elements that it has decided to create a range of furniture, textiles (
Sheets and towels)
Lighting, floor coverings and accessories (
Pillows, throwing, etc)
So fans can replicate this look at home.
There are 23 houses in the United StatesK.
, Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Hong Kong, Toronto and Mumbai, each house has its own unique decoration, depending on the location, they all have their own personality and beauty.
Under the creative guidance of Siobahn Farley, Soho Home will add new products every month, and special drops will occur when the new House location opens.
\"The members fell in love with the look and feel of our house because these houses are not easy to buy elsewhere,\" Farley said . \".
\"Houses and collections really go hand in hand because each one has core products that are critical to the house as support --
For example, bedding, glassware and tableware
Then there is a new level.
\"These works are inspired by the local style of each house, and under the online description of each piece, list the houses it\" in (
Can also search by House).
For example, Istanbul house has Turkish fabrics, foot mats and tapestries in the bedroom and Amsterdam, and the textiles in the bedroom draw inspiration from the original stained glass windows of the building.
\"We took an eternal approach rather than providing design trends,\" Farley said . \".
\"Soho Home is very focused on creating a feeling at Home, which is unique for everyone\'s taste and vision of their own space.
\"Some outstanding works from luxury lines (
Can be sold online)
Including the Samarkand lampshade, which is made from the Mumbai collection found in Indian houses in a sustainable use of vintage recycled silk screen windows in shades of water duck, saffron, oysters, sand trees and
\"No matter where you are in the world, we want it to be like this, you know, you will go there if you live in Mumbai, you see all these amazing little details that remind you of their culture, but also create a lot of layers, so it feels like you\'re walking into the entire peaceful space of Soho, you can relax, says Scarlett, chief designer.
At Dumbo House in Brooklyn, the soft pink, blush and purple palettes are reflected on the geometric dough carpet ($6,099), for example.
\"There is a lot of glass in the building of the club space itself, allowing you to see a beautiful panoramic view of the Williamsburg Bridge.
We played on it and introduced the pink glass lighting.
Our Juliana chandelier ($3,430)
Made of Murano glass, suspended throughout the main space.
\"The brand works with design talent from around the world in custom furniture, furniture and art.
With the launch of soho Home Editions, the works are presented in a beautiful new way, a collection of prints created by artists.
Farley explained: \"The delivery of this series is in response to the growing interest in acquiring and buying art, featuring Alice Brown, Archie Proudford and Amy
Another element to take home from Soho House, always enjoy.
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