Small game: inflatable castle teach baby how to dealing with strangers

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
A stranger calls - How to correctly answer on the phone to sound polite, and avoid revealed that the baby is a person at home or with the nanny at home? Generally speaking, we don't agree with baby tell others home information when receive a call from a stranger. Don't say inflatable castle & other; My mom and dad be not at home, please call again in the evening. When the baby said: & other; My father is taking a bath, Or my mother downstairs in the supermarket to buy me a jelly) You will play later. ” Ask each other to telephone, said & other; My father was out of the shower and let him to call you & throughout; , is also a way to, general & other; The danger of strangers & throughout; Don't pass the phone to stay. A stranger is knocking at the door Sometimes the baby alone at home when they have to receive the milk, the garbage to call to open the door, and a stranger holds the baby's favorite pizza box, say & other; Your mother told me to send you pizza, your mother has been paid the money, quickly open the door to let me give you bread. ” This kind of circumstance to warn a baby don't open the door. When baby said: & other; My father in the nap, now is not convenient to wake him up. Please try again in half an hour? ” Low or say this: & other; I don't have the money to you now, such as my mother take a shower. ” In addition, parents will definitely warn their children not to open the door to strangers, older children parents can give a list of people who come to open the door, such as father, mother, grandpa, grandma, grandpa, grandma. Through the cat's eye to see, is to open the door. Stick on the door, might as well put this list is a reminder for children, is also a warning. Get between strangers if within mom and dad's field of vision, and other strange children and play with their parents, are safe, such as in the children's playground and inflatable castle. But if someone to sound sb out what work do you do parents, who lives where, baby in which one kindergarten, who will pick you up at ordinary times, the stranger had & other Overzealous & throughout; Disrelish. Baby to education with & other; Overzealous & throughout; Stranger go, can't eat a stranger give snacks. If found it difficult to get rid of a stranger, to the amusement park workers and security guards for help. Low can also said to the stranger, & other; These I don't remember, why don't you ask my dad? My father is over there! ” If a stranger had been contemplating, he will be away. Stranger temporarily take the baby home if there is a stranger even familiar with people to pick up the baby home, how to do? Tell the baby, don't let the baby on someone else's car, such as baby ride in the community, even the neighbors will take him back declined. Mom and dad want to emphasize that unless mom and dad agreed, don't take the somebody else's car is an iron discipline. If parents have come on the possibility of friends or colleagues to meet baby, how to let the baby understand the inflatable castle dangerous stranger? Very simple, parents should be with baby to speak well in advance a security code, this to meet you know & other; Password & throughout; Baby, you can go with him, you can't. Parents want to make sure that each security password is only used once, and often at home with the baby & other; Review & throughout; The password, so that the baby forget it. Now some child trafficking events will take place between acquaintances, therefore, reach tacit agreement with more than 4 years old baby, set some & other; Security password & throughout; Is a meaningful thing.
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