sherlock beats the queen in festive tv ratings

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-01
More than 8 million people watched the return of the BBC\'s Sunday night ratings show Sherlock.
This means that this is the second one in Britain.
The most watched program during the festival
Behind the New Year\'s Eve fireworks, 11 people watched. 6 million.
The biggest audience on Christmas Day was the Queen\'s Christmas speech, which was seen by seven people.
There are 7 million people.
The audience for the first episode of Sherlock\'s fourth season averaged 8. 1 million.
The episode, known as The Six Thatchers, was adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle\'s story, The Adventures of six Napoleon, involving six smashed British
According to the Guardian\'s Mark Lawson, the film \"reached a new height of movement and emotion,\" he saw Sherlock Holmes of Benedict Cumberbatch and
He wrote: \"Overall, the episode feels very nervous --
Holmes never ran so much in the explosion.
Ben Lawrence of The Telegraph wrote that this is a dazzling victory for a complex conspiracy \"(
Although manytalked-
The demolition of Margaret Thatcher\'s six Great Depression is an unnecessary work of idolatry)
And carefully choreographed action scenes \".
Martin Freeman, he said, made Watson \"a subtle and striking figure,\" but added: \"Of course, this is the performance of Cumberbatch, here, he is ready to take action, but he will eventually fall.
\"Cumberbatch is an actor and he has put a lot of energy into every scene, so watching him is an exciting experience and an almost mental exercise.
\"Compared with the ratings of New Year\'s Day last year, the overnight ratings of the program dropped slightly --
8 episodes of Sherlock special4 million.
In another BBC show on Sunday, Mrs. Brown\'s sons were estimated to be watched by six people.
7 million, 6 million saw the deaths of Ronnie and Ross Mitchell in the Eastern District.
EastEnders lost a narrow margin in the soap opera battle to the Coronation Street that attracted six people.
On ITV 2 million
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