Set up mobile water park need what equipment? Need what to formalities deal with?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
In recent years in the summer, as the mobile water park built in all parts of the country, has brought countless investors of huge profits, and the water park site & other It's so crowded, resistance throughout the &; The hot phenomenon also fully shows the project investment prospects of light, it makes more wait-and-see stage no merchants more vigorously to find the right investment projects, itch to try! Set up mobile water park need what equipment? Need what to formalities deal with? It also became one of the most serious problems the broad masses of investors consulting, as domestic mobile water park leader & ndash; — City tube city lixin amusement equipment co. , LTD. Ann will answer one by one for you here! Mobile water park is the inflatable castles, inflatable pool, large inflatable toys, all kinds of different heights and themes of small water floater shape and play, the operator can also according to their own site needs to put some water sports equipment, water rushed off, water football field, it also feed water park to play the scene to increase the interest. So, start moving water park pool is necessary, other equipment you need according to the size of investment funds and the site of operators to decide. Of course, the more water park equipment is visit can attract more people. In addition, the customer in choosing equipment, also want to know your customer group, park construction is for children, adults, or all levels of the crowd? Only clear the customer group, more conducive to the choice of equipment. Such as inflatable pool, due to the highest height is only 60 cm and 80 cm height, if the park is targeted at children, you can choose inflatable pool as a carrier. And the height of the bracket pool have 1 m, 1. 32M、1. 5 m height of three, on the other hand, you can choose stents pool as a carrier. And the procedure is very simple, open water park need regular process is the need to go to the health bureau deals with hygiene license, and handle the manufacturer will need to provide certificate of all products and the quality inspection report. Moreover since May 1, 2013, state general administration of sports will be swimming, rock climbing, skiing, etc as a high-risk project, must get the certificate of high-risk, such business and deal with the certificate of material also need the manufacturers to provide. Above is the city amusement equipment co. , LTD. , to give customers the most concern of the solution, if in doubt, details call: 0371 - 55551962, 0371 - 55551963! !
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