second-hand airbag sales explosion

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-28
About 3,000 seconds.
Hand airbags were sold in 2009, and so far this year the number has risen to more than 7,000 eBay auctions. But car e-
Retailer Carsiteco.
The UK, which compiled the data, said that while the used airbags cost much less than the new ones, the risk of defective airbags not being properly deployed was \"many times higher \".
In most online sales, experts say, the reason for the airbag being removed from the original vehicle is not stated --
Amateur installation of safety aids can be \"dangerous \".
Carsite has also raised concerns about the accident.
Repair the car with may not
Operating airbags are being sold to uninformed buyers.
In most cases, the buyer will be completely unaware of the issue --
Until the airbag could not take off in an accident.
Compared to any other car manufacturer, the usage of Vauxhall airbags is higher, accounting for about 10 per cent of the auction list.
Together with Ford, Volkswagen, BMW and Renault, these five manufacturers account for about half of the second.
Hand airbag market on EBay.
The airbags for Prestige vehicles are also available.
Carsite found a supplier offering Ferrari F355 steering wheel airbags from \"low\" locations
Mileage donated vehicles 400-
Well below 1,620-plus-
VAT quoted by the Ferrari authorized service center adds an additional labor cost of £ 150.
Rising insurance bills show that the French really believe that British cameras in Wiltshire will be shut down due to cash shortages. The spirit of racing endeavor Damian Hearst wheels cover thousands of learners who have inadvertently been taught by the \"train\" to have a flaw in the driver\'s airbag;
\"Some people will work in the event of a collision-it\'s a game full of opportunities,\" says John Guess of Carsite . \". co.
The UK \"even if the airbag is working properly, the unqualified person may not properly install the airbag or hurt himself in the process.
This is a high-risk market that needs regulation.
Why is it illegal to trade used airbags in countries like Germany, not here?
Matt Gibson, head of customer and after-sales service at Honda UK, said: \"Honda will never recommend buying a second-
Hand airbag components or complete devices, as they form an important part of the vehicle\'s active safety system, may be affected by incorrect installation or component failure.
Our suggestion is for authorized dealers to use parts approved by the manufacturer to inspect and repair these important areas of the car.
Ron Waldock, an independent RAC inspector at Carsite, said: \"Replacing the SRS unit is not a case where the old unit is removed and another unit is screwed in place.
Modern car safety systems are much more complex.
Collision sensors need to be tested, replaced or reset on many models;
SRS computer and launch mechanism must be checked with other recommended programs.
This is a complex process that takes time and experience.
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